5 Random Things I’m Currently Loving

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What a week! Aside from the technical difficulties, I also came down with a cold and I’m so ready for a long weekend of relaxing and sleeping in late. I do have a few loose plans, but tried to keep my agenda pretty open so I could take rest up and hopefully feel better by the end of the weekend. My brain feels a little foggy and exhausted right now, so I’m sharing a few random things I’ve been currently loving since forming full thoughts is a bit of a struggle right now!

1. Prenatal Yoga

I have a new pregnancy obsession. No, not some new cravings, and thankfully the donut cravings seems to have subsided lately. This obsession is one that’s actually good for me.

A few months ago, I tried out Pure Barre for a month, and while I loved that I was getting stronger, I just couldn’t really get into it. Before I was pregnant, my favorite workout was hot yoga. It’s a great workout, gets you good and sweaty, but most importantly left me feeling so incredibly calm, centered and at peace. I wasn’t getting that from Pure Barre and I realize now that I was really missing that aspect in my exercise routine.

I wasn’t having much luck finding a class in my neighborhood, so I did some searching and found a great pregnancy yoga series on YouTube. Best of all, it’s totally free!

The channel I’ve been watching is called Tonic and they have a pregnancy yoga series that I’ve been doing. My favorites are the 30 minute videos though because it feels more like a full workout, but they have short 10 minute videos too. I feel like I’m getting stronger again, getting my body prepped for the final stretch of pregnancy and I always feel good and stretched out too. Lastly, I’m getting the same benefits of hot yoga that I love so much. I feel calm and relaxed after it’s over and now I’m hooked. Sometimes I even do two 30 minute episodes, haha! Oh, and if you’re struggling to get your regular yoga clothes over your bump, these yoga pants are my absolute favorites!

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2. Fancy Face Serum & OCM

Last week I started the oil cleansing method and so far, so good—the purging process is real though, so beware if you want to try it that it might cause you to break out a bit the first week or two! If you’re interested in giving it a try, this is the oil cleanser I’m currently using! I’ve also been using this Fancy Face Serum every night and I’m obsessed with it! It helps heal acne, scarring, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. It’s super concentrated, so I only have to use a few drops each night.

3. Dohm Machine

As you may have seen on Insta Stories, Oliver has been keeping us awake for the past few weeks, though this past weekend I think we made a breakthrough! He was whining throughout the night, so I ordered this white noise machine to help drown out his noises so we could get a good night’s sleep. This thing is magic! I’ve slept like a rock since it arrived and thankfully Oliver seems to be chilling at as well.

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4. Mornings That Feel Like Fall

The weather this past week has been fantastic! Waking up to temperatures in the 60s has been amazing and has me really excited for fall weather. I’ve been wearing simple dresses like this striped one with light layers like this anorak. It’s been perfect for those cool mornings, but transitions nicely when the weather warms up throughout the day. Also, random, but I’ve been wearing sneakers almost every day. My feet don’t really hurt, but being comfortable has been a top priority.

5. Pineapple Turmeric Smoothies

On Wednesday I woke up feeling terrible. The allergies have been so bad in Chicago and I’ve been sneezing constantly, my nose has been running and my throat’s been hurting. I’ve been doing my best to eat extra healthy, drink lots of fluids and I’ve been making pineapple turmeric smoothies. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory which helps when you’re sick, and there’s also fresh ginger which is great for digestion, as well as coconut water for extra hydration, and banana for some creaminess. I’ll be honest, it tastes like a tropical drink and the fact that it’s got all that good stuff in it is just a bonus!

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On another note, happy long weekend! Do you have any fun plans? Rob’s on his last guys’ trip before the baby comes and I’m relaxing and resting at home—hoping that I’ll be feeling back to normal by Monday! Stop by tomorrow or sign up for the newsletter , I’m sharing some good sales to shop over the long weekend, just in time for fall!

BTW, one jacket you need in your closet for fall, and my fears about becoming a mom.

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