Hari Maris at the Beach


Hari Mari Scouts / jean shorts / Deckhouse sweater

One of my favorite things about living in Chicago in the summer is that I’m less than a mile from an amazing beach, so having the right beach gear has become a necessity. Obviously a good beach towel, good sunscreen, a bikini, water bottle and of course, a good pair of flip flops.

These new flops, Scouts from Hari Mari, arrived in the mail last week and I’ve been wearing them ever since. To the beach, on morning walks, around the house. Pretty much anywhere, as Hari Mari makes a very comfortable flop! I think this might be the first pair of flip flops that didn’t give me a blister in the breaking-in process! I also have to say that I was really happy that my feet stayed their natural color even after the sandals got wet. If you’ve ever owned a pair of leather sandals you know what I’m talking about — gross.

Now on to style! While Hari Mari has some gorgeous color combinations, I’m a neutral shoe kinda gal. But I love that even though these are a simple tan, the inside of the strap is a very bright pink, so I get the best of both worlds. I have really narrow feet and hate super wide flip flops, these are perfect. Not too narrow, but not too wide.

If amazing comfort and great style haven’t won your heart, this will. Hari Mari gives $3 for every pair sold to support children battling pediatric cancer by helping families-in-need pay for expensive treatments, medicine and hospital expenses.

A wonderful product that gives back? I love that! And really, who doesn’t?








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