How to Grow Your Pinterest Following

how to grow your pinterest following without spending a lot of time — via @TheFoxandShe

I don’t know about you, but I love Pinterest. It’s my second favorite social media platform to browse, probably because I’m such a visual person, but it also does wonders for my blog traffic. It’s my number one source of referral traffic, but a long shot too, so every month, I make growing my audience on this platform a priority.

But actually getting those numbers to grow is harder. I think it’s the way that the platform is set up, but I don’t find it that easy to discover new pinners. It’s very easy to discover relevant pins, but the people that are pinning highly curated, beautiful boards? Not so easy.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using Ahalogy, a free, invite-only platform that allows you to schedule pins to go live at optimal times. That definitely helped with growth, but more recently I noticed it was tapering off and then a friend told me about another Pinterest scheduling tool, Tailwind.

It’s a paid service, but I definitely recommend it! Tailwind makes it so much easier to schedule pins and schedule them in bulk. It’s especially helpful if you have a busy schedule or a full-time job. You can sit down one Sunday and pin everything you need for a whole week or month! I pin all the images from my posts every day in less than 5 minutes and I can pin to multiple boards at once! It’s so fast! It also tells you if you’ve pinned the same thing to the same board already which is helpful.

My favorite feature is most definitely the shuffle queue feature! I like to have a variety of pins going live each day and this tool makes it super easy to mix them all up. You can always lock specific pins into certain days and times and still move the other ones around randomly to keep things fresh!

Board Booster is another one that I’ve heard good things about, but I haven’t actually tried this one yet. I think it offers some of the same things as Tailwind, but also some different features too.

Since I started using it last month, I’ve gotten more than 700 new followers. Before that I was getting about 200-300 a month, so to say I’m happy with the results is an understatement!

What Pinterest scheduling tools do you like to use? I’d love to hear your experience with any of these or other ones I haven’t heard of yet!

P.S. I realize this post sounds like an ad, but it’s not, I seriously just LOVE this tool!!

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