My New Morning Routine

Morning routine for moms plus a super cute yoga outfit for moms

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I’m a little in disbelief that April is coming to an end. If you remember, this month we kicked off monthly themes and April’s was wellness. Did you prioritize and wellness goals of your own? Share if you did! I love hearing what everyone else is working on!

A few of reader favorite wellness posts from this month were how to practice whole body wellness, my (almost) daily wellness practices, my current diet and supplements, and how to feel less stressed.

I focused a lot on my own personal wellness routine which I found to help a ton wit my stress levels. Though, I have to admit, this past week was a little hectic and stressful. We move tomorrow morning and packing with a baby is hard! Thankfully, I have Brooke from the Neat Method coming to help me unpack and organize tomorrow and Wednesday! Next time, I’m going to hire her to help me pack before hand too!

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Unfortunately, I’m naturally just a stressed out person. One of my goals for this month was to keep stress at a minimum. I get worked up about little things, and do much better when I have a routine set in place that designates time for me to practice self-love and self-care. Things like yoga and meditation work really really well for me in keeping my stress levels down.

I tried acupuncture for the first time last week (LOVED IT!) and I think that’s going to be a huge piece in helping me manage my stress. I’ll be sharing more about acupuncture after I’ve had a month’s worth of treatments and can get a better idea of everything it’s helped me with.

But, back to managing stress and what I did about it this April.

For me, my morning sets the pace for the rest of my day.

If I start out anxious, feeling like I’m behind or rushed, the rest of my day typically follows that pattern. If it starts out slower, more relaxed and intentional, the rest of my day goes much more smoothly.

I have so many wellness goals, but instead of trying to do them all, I focused on one and made my morning routine the top priority. I’ll be honest though, I didn’t follow my routine perfectly every morning. Life happens and a big part of remaining calm is to just accept it—we can’t control everything! I decided to not force my routine on mornings where I didn’t have the time to do it the way I wanted.

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Morning Routine for Moms

1. Drink Water

When I first wake up, I do a quick stretch while still sitting on the edge of my bed. Then I start drinking water. I keep a big water bottle by my bed, this one holds 4 8oz. glasses and is my favorite. I try to drink the whole thing before breakfast, but usually I just get about half way through it before I eat.

If I start drinking water first thing in the morning, I’ve noticed that I’m a 100x more likely to drink more water throughout the day!

2. Morning Skincare Routine

Sometimes I do my skincare routine before I go downstairs, and sometimes it happens later in my morning. It really just depends on Owen. I check the Nest and if he’s asleep or just laying in bed, I’ll go ahead and do my routine. If he’s crying or kicking around, I just wait and do it later.

3. Feed Owen & Myself

Owen eats first, then I pump and then I make my breakfast. I’ll be 100% honest—I’m so looking forward to the mornings where I no longer pump and can just eat my breakfast right after I feed him. Soon enough!

Usually Owen is yawning and rubbing his eyes right when I finish breakfast so I change him, put him down for a nap and then my favorite part of the morning starts!

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4. Yoga

Like I said, I don’t do this every morning, but I would love to get to a place where I was, or at least doing it most mornings. It’s nice to go up to my room, roll out my yoga mat and take a moment for myself. One funny thing about me is that I love making the bed, anyone else? Before I practice, I make the bed because otherwise it drives me crazy!

For the actual yoga, I have the Sweat App which also has BBG (if that’s more your thing!), and I follow the BAM (body and mind) workout and turn on the yoga station on Pandora. Yes, I still use Pandora, haha! It’s only 30 minutes, but it’s the perfect way to get my day started.

5. Meditation

After yoga, I’ll meditate, unless Owen has woken up early from his nap again. I use Headspace, but my mom and sister both love Insight Timer (free!). You actually don’t need an app at all, but personally I like the guided meditation. Headspace has different packs to focus on specific issues. Right now I’m working my way through the “Stress” pack and really love it. They use visualization for this and I really love the metaphor and always end feeling really calm and inspired.

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6. Matcha

The last step of my ideal morning routine is making a matcha latte. I shared my recipe here if you’re interested! So many of you have said you tried it and loved it, which makes me so happy! I’ve been drinking it out of these thumb cups I ordered from Hanselmann Pottery. It’s probably dumb, but I love these cups so much and drinking my matcha from them is just better in my opinion than a regular mug, ha!

Sometimes I’ll check emails while I have my matcha so I can get the rest of my day started, but usually Owen is waking up just as I’m finishing up. Just thinking about how I feel on morning where I do this has me itching to get our move finished so I can start it again in our new home!

Do you have a morning routine? If you didn’t have obligations in the morning, what would your ideal routine look like?!

BTW, do you believe in fate, and yoga poses for stronger abs.

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