Are you Saving for Anything Special?

perfect fall outfit

You’ve seen these boots before—haven’t you? I spotted them for the first time a few years ago, probably on another blogger, and fell head over heels. Not only were they insanely chic, but boots that came half way up my thighs seemed logical for Chicago’s brutally cold winters. After a few winters, I finally decided I really wanted them and just needed to set aside a little bit each month, and get them.

So, I started saving a little bit each month. Some months I saved more, and some months I only saved a bit—you know, rent came first!

After Christmas one year, I was still at my parents’ house, sitting on the floor on my computer while my family was watching The Voice. I had received a gift card to Nordstrom, that in tandem with my saving finally made it possible for me to buy my coveted Lowland boots. So, I bought them right there on the spot. It was sort of a weird feeling making such a big purchase while lounging by the fireplace with my family, but I was so excited.

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They arrived shortly after we got back to Chicago and I’ve been wearing them as much as I can ever since.

It’s not very often that I buy pricey pieces, but when I do, it’s always a piece that I’ve loved for years and is a classic. Knowing that I’ll continue to get use out of pieces like this for years to come, makes the purchase 100% worth it to me. But, yes, they are still expensive, so I rounded up a few more pairs below that are more affordable.

Earlier this week, we walked around my old hood, Lincoln Park, during our shoots. This neighborhood is still one of my favorites in the city. While I love the convenience of living downtown, I miss the quiet, family-friendly streets of this beautiful neighborhood. Plus, the houses are absolutely beautiful! If I knew how long we’d be in Chicago, I’d definitely start saving my pennies for one of these places!

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This look is definitely one of my favorite dressed-up outfits I’ve worn this season. In my eyes, it’s a perfect fall outfit! I love the subtle lace-up top and loose fit of this Yumi Kim dress (25% off now with code MAINEVENT16), so much so, that I’m highly considering wearing out tonight for our double date!

Right now I’m not really saving for anything in particular, just generally saving whenever I can. I suppose it will go to a home someday, or car whenever we decide we need one again!

Whatever you might be saving for, it’s fun, right? Saving for something special, even if it’s just for you, is such a rewarding feeling. As women, sometimes I feel like we forget to do something special for ourselves every once in a while, we’re so busy taking care of everyone else!

So tell me, are you saving for anything special? A handbag, a new car, a big trip, the arrival of a baby or even your first home? Spill below!

BTW, another way to wear over the knee boots, and where do you want to travel to this year?

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