Are You Usually Late, On-Time or Early?

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Something I struggled with when I first moved to Chicago? Being on time.

I used to pride myself on being on-time to things, sometimes even early, but late? Not me. But after my first few weeks in Chicago, my perfect record had been destroyed. I was constantly late, and not just a couple of minutes—half hours at times, and honestly I felt terrible about it.

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I know how frustrated I get when someone shows up super late, and I couldn’t believe that I had become that person! I had sold my car just a few weeks before moving and really, I blame that on my sudden tardiness. I had no idea how long public transit could take, or how bad the rush hour traffic in Chicago can really be. I was also generally clueless on how long it would take to get anywhere, so I’d leave with what I thought to be enough time, only to find out that I should have doubled or tripled that estimate.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten better over the years. I wore this outfit from Nordstrom recently to a mid-week lunch with some friends. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, my weekday outfits are usually pretty simple—jeans, a cute top and a few good accessories! I love adding a few statement accessories to my simpler outfit like this leopard clutch, these sunglasses, a long necklace and these red lace-up pumps. They add the perfect amount of color and pattern to my simple look and make it far from ordinary! Sidenote, I’m obsessed with this Sincerely Jules top that Nordstrom carries. It’s full, but looks adorable with skinny jeans and I love the buttons up the back of it!

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I left earlier than normal so that I could walk down the riverwalk on my way to lunch because the weather has been so nice, but seriously, is it still summer?! I left lunch feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Leaving my home office for lunch and just taking a real break from my inbox is such a treat and something I should do more, especially because I come back feeling so much calmer!

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Now that I’ve been in Chicago for several years, I’ve made some progress on my arrival time. I’m not always on-time, but I’m definitely not late as often as I was in that first year. I’ve also learned that walking is sometimes my best option, and wearing comfortable, but cute outfits are a must.

So tell me, are you always late, on-time or early?

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BTW, how to give your outfit more personality, and how to be infinitely more productive this month.

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