15 Pieces That’ll Make You Want to Work Out

stylish workout gear, cropped yoga top, cute yoga pants — via @TheFoxandShe

It’s no secret that January is the month to kick start new workout routines, better eating habits and healthy living. I try to maintain these things all year long, but with work getting so crazy last year, my workout routine and healthy eating weren’t at the top of my priority list. But with the new year around the corner and a general feeling of excitement (and lingering thoughts about a pending beach trip), I’ve already started making choices to be healthier, especially now that the Christmas holidays are over and we’ve left my parents’ house — they’re were sweets everywhere!

Nothing makes me more excited to workout than brand new workout clothes. Anyone else? I got a new pair of cropped leggings and workout socks for Christmas and started working out more over the break too. Thankfully my sisters are really good about working out, so they kicked my butt and I’ll be sharing a few new workouts with you in the coming weeks — all of which you can do at home with just a few free weights!

Last year I bought this yoga top and I’m obsessed. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I love the cropped cut because when I can see my tummy, I tend to workout harder, haha! Whatever motivates you, right? This top is now high on my list too and comes in a bunch of really cool patterns that remind me of Mara Hoffman (I need one of her swimsuits this year!).

What are your favorite workout clothes? What motivates you to get healthy when the new year hits?!

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