21 Covetable All-Neutral Living Rooms You Need to See

cozy fireplace nook

I’m a self-proclaimed color lover and for years my home has reflected that. What’s not to love?! It’s cheery, inviting, bright and youthful!

But lately, I’ve started noticing that every time I make updates to our place, I’ve been unknowingly removing color and replacing it with a more neutral palette. I recently replaced colorful prints with black and white artwork, and replaced my colorful array of pillows with solid white and grey ones, and I think I know why.

Our place is small, not miniature, but not overly spacious either. I’ll save you my closet dramas for another day. Our 16th floor corner apartment comes in at just over 1000 square feet, which probably sounds like a luxury to any of you New Yorkers, but there’s no denying that it’s still pretty quaint. Especially when you consider that two adults and a dog live here. Oh, and our home also serves as my office. Storage is cool term we’ve heard of, but have yet to experience. So, in our small space we have to be very strategic about new purchases, how we arrange furniture and how we deal with storing basic things like pots & pans and food since we’re lacking in cabinets and don’t have a pantry.

french interior design

modern black and white interiors

neutral space

mid century fireplace

neutral living room

black and white artwork

all white reading nook

neutral living room

neutral living space

white living room

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tan chesterfield couch

neutral interior design

eclectic living room

modern adobe living room

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casual living space

airy interior design

big windows

modern stucco home

So, what does any of this have to do with neutral spaces? I’ll tell you.

The older I get, I find that I crave simplicity, more calm and peaceful surroundings, and these neutral living rooms definitely give off those vibes. On days when it seems like our place is overflowing with stuff and there’s not a place for every little thing to go, I dream of simple, relaxing rooms like these.

I mean, they’re stunning—who else is ready to grab a book, a cup of tea and cozy up in here?

Our home is no where near all-neutral, and probably never will be—I simply love color too much! But, I’m still drawn to these gorgeous, simply-designed spaces, and continue to pull inspiration to find a balance of color and neutrals that works for our lives and fits our style. Okay, my style. Rob doesn’t get that much of say when it comes to decor!

Has your interior design personality shifted over the years like mine? Does your decor style lean more towards colorful and eclectic or neutral and peaceful?

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