15 Pairs of Fall Booties Under $150

15 Pairs of Fall Booties Under $150 — via @TheFoxandShe

Earlier this week I finally got around to fully switching out my summer clothes for fall ones. Our place is small and our closet is even smaller! There’s two things I really love about switching out my clothes each season. One — I get to purge my closet of things I didn’t wear in the last season. Two — it’s kind of like Christmas pulling out my fall wardrobe! There’s always a few pieces that I had forgotten about and get excited to wear. It’s the little things, right?!

I pulled out several pairs of booties and actually plan on getting rid of a few pairs that have seen better days, so I’ve been looking for some replacements so I rounded up 15 amazing pairs all under $150. I wear booties nearly everyday in the fall and winter, so having a variety of pairs that won’t break the bank is key! My personal favorites are this pair of caramel-brown flat boots and this pair of edgy black booties. What about you?

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