September’s Numbers

For the purpose of these reports, I’ll only be discussing the earnings made from my lifestyle blog, The Fox & She which now includes pre-fab sales that come from this site.

The holidays are upon us and I’ve been working on lots of holiday content to prepare my site for the upcoming shopping craze. This past month I saw substantial growth in traffic which I think is in big part to combining Blog Better to The Fox & She. I also saw substantial growth in commissions which was exciting. Not quite sure why, but my new series has been driving a lot of sales. Have you ever thought about a blog series?

So, without further ado, the September income report …

September Income Report — via @TheFoxandShe

September Income Report — via @TheFoxandShe


This month’s affiliate earnings are higher than normal and I think most of that is due to the seasonal change and the addition of List15, my new series that goes up on Wednesdays (usually!).

• Bluehost
• RewardStyle
• VigLink


Ads continue to be one of those things that continue to bring in a little bit of income, but nothing major. Lijit is working best for me and I don’t have to do anything special, just drop in codes!

• Lijit


I did several collaborations this month, but didn’t get paid out for many, so hence the lower number this month. What I’m realizing is that each month is really really different from the last!

• Collectively
• CleverGirls
• Direct Collaborations


Last month I thought I was going to sell a few of the pieces in our house, but I didn’t actually get around to that. I did get paid out for my Minted art prints. In the coming months I’m hoping to paint more as well as add more prints to my Minted shop.

• Minted


I haven’t been pushing these much lately, but they still provide a nice chunk each month!


Pinterest is still number one for my referral traffic and in general, traffic grew this month and there was a bump in traffic this past month too which was exciting. I think the end of summer might have something to do with it too. I’ve also been making it a point to link to other posts within my posts to keep traffic on my site and that’s definitely working.

Pageviews: 36% increase
Uniques Visitors: 32% increase
Referral Traffic: Pinterest & BlogLovin’


As I mentioned before, Instagram and Pinterest are by far my favorite social platforms, likely because I’m a visual person. I still get the majority of my traffic from Pinterest and quite a bit from Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram: 12% increase
Pinterest: 6% increase
Twitter: .4% increase
Facebook: 1.5% increase
Bloglovin: 3.4% increase


• Get Ahead: As I mentioned, I didn’t do that this past month, but I’m hoping to get on top of this in the next few weeks before the holidays hit
• Finish Holiday Planning: I got a good jump on this stuff this year, but there’s still a lot to do!
• Grow Bloglovin’ Following: A lot of traffic comes from Bloglovin’ and that’s where I have my smallest following. I think if I could get those numbers up I could see substantial growth in traffic too!
• Balance: I’ve really been struggling with this lately. I’ve been working so much and I’m in desperate need of some balance in my life. I won’t be taking on any new projects until after the new year so I can get caught up and maybe even ahead on some things. I also have some personal projects I’m working on and want to give those a fighting chance too!

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