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So, here it is! A new little series that I hope to write once or twice a month that’ll be more personal. I find that it’s not always natural to add personal stories, struggles, victories, etc. into style posts, so Honest Talk was born.

Let’s just dive straight in. As of this past weekend, I’ve gone gluten free. Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy, and I kinda think I might be too, but let me explain. Since college I’ve been sensitive to a lot of different things I eat. Back then I blamed it on an unhealthy diet, late nights, stressful situations and too much drinking, but after I graduated and this continued to be an issue, I started wondering if it was something else. I avoided red meat for a long time and tried not to eat as much dairy — those helped a bit, but really weren’t sustainable for me. I love a good steak every once and a while, and giving up cheese?! Need I say more? I just eat them both in moderation and it’s a good balance for me.

For the most part, we eat pretty healthy over here. Lean meat, lots of veggies, fruit, whole grains, no soda (though I do have a sweet tooth when it comes to candy) and not too much caffeine (but probably too much wine) but I still didn’t always feel great. I just assumed that it was normal and kept on with life until last weekend. I had dinner at Bar Toma with my girlfriends — one who eats gluten free. Bar Toma is a pizza place so I was asking her about what happened if she ate gluten and how it made her feel. Her explanation was pretty much exactly how I would feel after eating. So I thought why the heck not, let’s try being gluten free for a few weeks to see how I feel.

So Sunday morning, I did some research and went to the grocery and picked up my first-ever loaf of gluten-free bread, wild rice and corn tortillas amongst other things and have been eating that way ever since. It hasn’t been that long, but holy heck, I really do feel great! I also have to say, it’s not that hard. Other than pizza and sandwiches, I really don’t feel like I had to change anything majorly. I’ve been eating breakfast tacos instead of breakfast sandwiches and have replaced my sandwich bread with Udi’s gluten free bread (it doesn’t taste exactly the same, but it’s not bad either!). Either way, I’m going to continue to try it for the next few weeks and see if it continues to help.

I’m a big believer that whatever you eat can have a major impact on your day to day life and overall health. My favorite example is when my dad went vegan while he had prostate cancer. The doctors promised that it would help, but not make the cancer disappear and not too long after, my dad was cancer free, the doctors were stunned and he’s still doing great today!

Hopefully after reading this you’re not grossed out by me talking about my eating habits, but I wanted to get a little bit more ‘real’ on my blog, because pretty pictures are awesome, but not always the best representation of my daily life. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new series or anything else you’d want me to talk about!

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