Our List of Family Goals For The New Year

list of family goals

First off, I just want to say a major THANK YOU for all of the support from my post on Monday sharing my new year’s goals and things I struggled with this past year. I was a little nervous to hit publish, but you guys are the best. I was blown away by your sweet comments, DMs and even emails saying that you were excited for the new direction on the blog!

Usually my new year’s intentions are related to my business, that’s just how I think, but I wanted to set family goals too. The past year has been such a big transition into my new role and now that we’re here and used to being mom and dad, I wanted to be more intentional with what we do as a family unit this year!

I kind of hate the phrase goal setting because I’m a little Type A and get competitive, but either way, these are things I really want to focus on as a family this year.

list of family goals

family goals for the new year

List of Family Goals For The New Year

Travel Solo

When I say “solo”, I really mean Rob and I together without Owen. Travel has always been something that we’ve loved doing together and it’s been well over a year since we’ve gone on a trip just the two of us. We’re still figuring out where to go, but this trip will be happening this year, hopefully this spring! On our list is Colombia, Peru and Morocco. Any suggestions?!

Travel More with Owen

Now that Owen’s walking, traveling with him is a lot more fun. He knows a lot more of what’s going on and can actually do something other than ride around in his stroller. Yes, the actual flight part can be tough, but once we get somewhere, it’s really fun. We’ve got a beach trip planned in early February. I cannot wait to see how he likes the pool and sand!

Two Date Nights a Month

The downside of going on a date when you don’t have parents to watch your kid, is that the cost of a babysitter basically tacks on $100 extra to the evening. That being said, it’s worth it for us so that we’re able to get out and spend more time with each other one on one. We do spend lots of time together at home when Owen gets to bed. But being out is different. I don’t have to cook, for one, so we end up getting into deeper conversations. I absolutely loved it. We usually stick around our neighborhood, Lakeview, but occasionally venture downtown to some of our favorites there too!

our family goals

our list of family goals

Quality Time as a Family Each Week

Owen is growing up so fast! I want to encourage him to be creative and have fun, so one of my goals is to get out and do more cool city stuff with him. There are so many amazing museums and activities in the city for kids (really need to work on a list), and we haven’t done the best job of making those things happen.

When Owen’s a little older, we’ll work in a family movie night and do the whole thing. Popcorn, blankets, milk for Owen, wine for us! We don’t let him watch TV or movies yet, but I do think it will be a special thing for us to do when he’s older.

Tech-Free Nights

We did this a few years ago, and I loved it! Once a week, usually Wednesdays, we’d have a tech free night, which meant no phones (Instagram, emails, texting) or TV for a whole night! We’d play cards or board games or just sit and talk over a glass of wine. I’d go to bed feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated with no worries about what was happening the next day. It was MAGICAL. This year, I really want to pick those back up!

Enjoy the City More

This past summer I was in a real funk. I was fatigued, foggy and unmotivated which meant we didn’t get out and do a lot. This spring and summer, I really want to take advantage of all that Chicago has to offer. Amazing parks, beaches, lakeside trails and also museums, because somedays it’s rainy or too hot.

baby boy

Support Each Other’s Personal Goals

Last year, I felt like I was doing a whole lot of figuring things out. My new role as mom, how to balance my business with family life, how to not feel like absolute sh*t all the time. There was little space left for our personal goals and projects. This year started on a much better note. I’m feeling a lot better, sleeping great and feel like I’ve found a better routine with Owen and work (though, it’s always a struggle!). There’s finally room to work on some projects that I’ve been on my mind for months, almost a year even and I’m really excited to work on them, and eventually, share them with you!

Rob also has ideas that he’s working on, and my goal is for both of us to support and encourage each other to see our individual goals through. Or at least explore them a little further!

Appreciate Each Other

I’m sick of feeling rushed, hurried, and like a hot mess 24/7. This year, I want to slow it down, for our nights and weekends to be spend enjoying each other and this little life we’ve created. To be kinder to ourselves and to each other and to show each other that we love each other more. It’s something we’ll have to actively work at, but it’s so worth it!

Do you set family goals or intentions for your gang?! What’s on your list from a family perspective this year?

photos by Jules Kennedy

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