Water Baby

high neck shibori bikini

Bikini, c/o Vix Paula Hermanny | Hat (similar here and here) | Middle Length Necklace, Short Necklace & Long Necklace | Ear Cuff

Have you ever heard the term water baby? It refers to people who love being in or near water, and growing up, that was me.

My grandparents were big boaters back when we were kids and that meant that we got to reap the benefits of their hobby! Some of my fondest childhood vacation memories are from our trips down to visit them in the Bahamas. We’d fly into Staniel Cay and land at an abandoned airport and drag our own belongings down to the dock where my grandparents, tanned to perfection, would greet us.

high neck bikini

cheeky bikini

cheeky bikini
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high neck shibori bikini

high neck bikini and floppy straw hat

trending swimsuits

Our days in the Bahamas were spent building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, collecting and sorting seashells and snorkeling. Later we’d identify all the creatures we’d seen on reef fish identification cards that my grandma kept on the boat. The queen triggerfish was always my favorite to see. They look as if they’d spent hours putting makeup on before swimming around the reef, showing off their beauty. To this day, the water in the Bahamas is still some of the clearest, bluest and most beautiful water I’ve ever seen.

When we weren’t visiting our grandparents, our summer days were spent with trips to the pool, eating fruit salad, fried chicken fingers and lemonade between swims and diving contests. By the end of the day, we’d all be completely exhausted and fall asleep extra early — which I now realize was totally intentional.

Very sneaky, mom…

Looking back at those summers makes me smile. Life was so simple back then! I wish I could just have a week of that right now, wouldn’t it be nice? No work, no emails, just relaxation and fun!

I’m not holding my breath for it, but it is a good reminder to take more breaks and enjoy the summer while I can. We don’t get to go on beach trips nearly as often and my summer days are rarely spent by the pool, but I still make time for it every now and then.

I was so thrilled when we moved into our current building because, unlike the last one, the pool is outside and has great views of the city. I’ve already made use of it several times this season. I got this high-neck cheeky bikini from Vix Paula Hermanny earlier this year and finally got to pull it out!

I have to admit, I was a little self-conscious about the cheeky bottoms, but I actually really like them! Since the bikini top is covered up, I didn’t feel overly exposed. Would you wear them? If not, I totally understand! I also love this one piece with an open back, this high-waisted bikini and this simple white coverup.

If you’re still looking for swimsuits this summer, I’m also obsessed with a brand called Maaji. I’m currently loving this high-neck bikini top and bottoms and this bralette-style top and bottoms.

So, tell me — what’s your go-to swimwear style? And, which childhood trips were your favorite?

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