White Culottes, Black Crop Top and Mules — via @TheFoxandShe

White Culottes, Black Crop Top and Mules — via @TheFoxandShe

layered bracelets and rings — via @TheFoxandShe

White Culottes, Black Crop Top and Mules — via @TheFoxandShe

culottes and a crop top — via @TheFoxandShe

black crop top and white pants — via @TheFoxandShe

crop top and white pants — via @TheFoxandShe

White Culottes, Black Crop Top and Mules — via @TheFoxandShe

dainty gold details — via @TheFoxandShe

White Culottes, Black Crop Top and Mules — via @TheFoxandShe

This past weekend I was in Charleston for the SBSCon. It was my first time to Charleston and also my first time speaking at a conference! I have to admit that I was pretty nervous. It’d been a really long time since I had done any public speaking (think college) and for whatever reason, it always makes me really antsy. Once I started talking though, I felt like I fell into a good rhythm and it went well!

I really loved what I wore that day. I felt like it was a good combination of professional and stylish. No, you probably can’t wear a crop top to work, but the look felt really polished and tailored and I felt really confident while wearing it. That probably helped me get over my nerves during the conference! These white culottes (still debating if they’re wide enough to be considered culottes?) are so comfortable and fit perfectly. I love the length and the high waist. I paired it with a cropped top and mules to give it an edgy feel. I wore the new bracelet and rings I got from Kendra Scott too — speaking of, did you know they’re opening in Chicago soon?!

After my talk was over, I got to chat one-on-one with a lot of bloggers about how to improve their sites. I had a blast and felt like I got to help a lot of people. Hopefully I’ll get to speak at more conferences in the future!

Later that afternoon, I took to the streets to do a bit of exploring, eating and drinking with some friends. I was thrilled to finally meet one of my blogger friends in person, Josh of The Kentucky Gent. If you haven’t checked out his site before, I recommend you do! He’s got a unique voice and is really passionate about what he’s doing — I love seeing that! Before drinks and too many fried pickles, we snapped these pictures before heading to dinner at Leon’s Oyster Shop.

I ended up staying out much later than I anticipated and so I’m extra thankful for this short week — I’m wiped out! We’re heading to a lakehouse this weekend to relax and celebrate the fourth of July — what are your plans?!

photography by Josh Johnson

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