12 Festive Embroidered Dresses for Summer

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It’s official—we’ve arrived in Denver! It was a long drive, but I’m so grateful it all went smoothly and that we’re here. One of the best things since we’ve arrived? The weather.

Chicago has lovely summers, but Denver’s weather beats it almost every day of the year. There’s so much sunshine which puts me in a perpetually cheery mood.

The other major perk of this warm weather is that I can finally wear something other than leggings and sweatshirts. Now that I’m 34 weeks pregnant, pants are really just a struggle, but dresses? They’re my best friend.

So, I’ve been wearing them constantly, and browsing cute dresses to wear once this baby is on the other side.

Cute Embroidered Dresses for Summer

I’ve always always loved embroidered dresses. The fine detail on them elevates and dress and makes it so much more special and unique, so I rounded up some of my favorite embroidered dresses I’ve seen lately! I think I’m going to snag this one that’s under $100—I love the colors!

Does it feel like summer where you live? What’s your favorite thing to wear when the temperature warms up?

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