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The past few days have been full of getting caught up and readjusting to a more normal routine—finally! I went to yoga twice (I’m so sore!) and I’m working on some really exciting content for this coming month. Last month I traveled a ton! Traveling always serves as inspiration for me, so now that I’m home and have some downtime, I’m finally putting all that inspiration onto paper, or onto the computer in this case.

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Wear it Now, Wear it Later

how to wear a midi dress

Tossed Floral Midi Dress, c/o | Escapade Crossbody Bag | Fiji Bracelet | Marie Sandals (similar here and here) | Layering Necklace & Gold Bar Necklace

A couple of weeks ago, Rob and I were in Miami for a few days. The weather was sweltering and humid, but sitting on the beach reading a book for countless hours was truly magical—especially after the previous two weekends of wild bachelorette parties I’d attended. My body was ready for a break and I was so thankful we had one planned!

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