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how to wear a midi dress

Tossed Floral Midi Dress, c/o | Escapade Crossbody Bag | Fiji Bracelet | Marie Sandals (similar here and here) | Layering Necklace & Gold Bar Necklace

A couple of weeks ago, Rob and I were in Miami for a few days. The weather was sweltering and humid, but sitting on the beach reading a book for countless hours was truly magical—especially after the previous two weekends of wild bachelorette parties I’d attended. My body was ready for a break and I was so thankful we had one planned!

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8 Monumental Things I’ve Learned in Two Years of Marriage

what I've learned after two years of marriage

Two years ago today, Rob and I were saying our vows in front of nearly 200 family members and friends. I choked back tears and squeezed Rob’s hand as we stood at the south end of the Chicago History Museum, making the biggest promises of our lives. As nervous as I was, I remember feeling a sudden sense of calm when we turned, faced each other and held hands. I didn’t feel like crying anymore—I couldn’t stop smiling.

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