Revisiting Resolutions

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You might remember that one of my biggest new year’s resolutions was to really start taking care of my skin. I turn 29 this year and I can already see wrinkles and dark spots making themselves at home on my face. While there’s nothing wrong with aging, I’d like to do it gracefully and if I can help keep my complexion soft, smooth and make those wrinkles soften just a bit, you better believe I’ll be doing it.

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Two Days in Austin

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A few weeks back we escaped the cold and headed to Austin, Texas for a weekend. The real purpose of the trip was to celebrate a friend’s wedding, but we made the most of our trip and did some exploring in our free time. I wasn’t my first time to Austin (I grew up in Dallas and visited often), but it was my first time since college and it’s definitely a city I’d love to visit again, especially when it’s a bit warmer!

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