15 Pieces of Affordable Artwork Inspired by Nature

organic artwork

Can I make a confession? I’m over the gallery wall…well, at least for now.

For years I’d coveted the beautiful gallery walls I’d seen on Pinterest and when we moved into our last place, we had a wall that was perfect for it! I spent several hours laying out our frames on the floor trying to get just the right composition, then I hung them. It was perfect! I loved the way it turned out, and then one day, I just didn’t love it anymore.

It was a made up of a collection of artwork, wall decor and photography we’d collected over the years. The frames were all different and mismatched and that quirkiness that I once loved about it, suddenly annoyed me. It felt busy, discombobulated and all the mismatched colors felt juvenile to me, like I’d decorated this space for a 10 year olds room, not the home of two 30 year olds.

But it wasn’t just that, as I get older, I find that I want my home to feel more like a peaceful retreat. Busy areas like my gallery wall don’t fit into that box. Instead, I’ve been gravitating more towards larger statement pieces, like this piece in our bedroom and this piece that was in our old entryway. They make a statement and create and atmosphere of calm that gallery walls just can’t seem to do—well, at least for me.

Now that we’re in our new place, I’m starting to hunt for some new pieces and everything that’s caught my eye has had a theme. It’s all very organic. Flowers, greenery, landscapes—they all remind me of being outdoors and they’re all super peaceful! The tough part will be narrowing it down to just a few!

How do you feel about the gallery wall? What kind of art do you like for your home?

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