The Final Touches

We’ve officially been in our place for a little over a week now! While all the boxes are unpacked, there’s still a fair amount of work to be done. I haven’t hung any pictures on the wall and I’m already finding that there’s things we need to accomadate the new space. Our entryway is narrow, we have a second bathroom and a patio — all things we didn’t have in the last place.

My sister and I were browsing the Anthropologie home decor section this weekend to hide from Dallas’ storms and I came across wayyyy too many things I wanted. Thankfully nothing I fell in love with was too expensive and they’d add the perfect final touches to our place! These candles are my absolute favorite and if you’re not sure what scent to get, I highly recommend French Cade Lavendar, Mokara or Baltic Amber. We’re also in desperate need of a nicer-looking shower curtain, but I’m having trouble deciding on one that isn’t too girly, suggestions?

My first order of business is getting things hung, but my second order of business will be fixing up these little spaces to make our new place feel like home. Which little touches are your favorite?

P.S. You can actually click on the items above to get all the product information! Otherwise, the links are below!

Decorate Your Home

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1. Mesa Swirl Vase | 2. Wood Grain Shelf | 3. Wire Potato Basket | 4. Quotation Marks Bookend | 5. Riviera Bathmat | 6. Gilded Loops Bracket | 7. Geo Soaprock | 8. Moroccan Wedding Basket | 9. Pinched Glass Vase | 10. Primula Bathmat | 11. Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle | 12. Georgette Glassware

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