Top 3 Tips for Becoming a Better Blogger

Today we’re welcoming guest blogger Cathy Anderson of Poor Little It Girl! Not only does she run a top-notch, budget-friendly style blog, she co-founded the Southern Blog Society & Southwest Blog Society and continues to grow her brand strategically! Here are her top 3 tips on how to be a better fashion blogger (or any kind of blogger for that matter!).

3. Are you a blogger, or do you just have a blog? Know the difference.

Back in 2010 when I started, blogging was popular, but fast forward to 2015 and the market is so saturated it’s almost weird if you come across someone that doesn’t have a website. The difference between a “real” blogger and one who simply blogs is the mission behind why you are writing in the first place. For me, Poor Little It Girl is not a hobby, it is a job…and I’ve always treated it as such. I post consistently. I hire people to help me with my site. I do it even when I don’t feel like it because it’s my j-o-b. You know the saying “If it was easy everyone would do it!” Well, everyone does blog, so how do you set yourself a part from the rest? Or are you even trying to? Make sure you know where your blog stands and where you want to take it in the future. If it’s simply a place for your family to check to get updates on your kids or what you ate for dinner last night, that’s fine. But if you’re hoping to actively work with brands, get advertisers, etc. you need to show that you’re providing a service. That people come to your site to learn something and are inspired by your content.

2. Be kind to your fellow bloggers and make friends.

The blogging world can easily be compared to high school cliques. So whether you’re the popular kid, the uncool kid who think they’re cool, or a geek – just be nice. No, you don’t need to be best friends with every blogger you meet, but you also don’t want to get the reputation (either locally or nationally) as the anti-social “I’m too good/busy for everyone” blogger and then get upset when you’re not invited to things anymore. On top of that – blogger friends are the best kind of friends. I met Jessica from My Style Vita after she asked me on a blogger blind date…and alas a friendship was born! Three years later her and I have become real life friends in addition to starting Southern Blog Society and Southwest Blog Society. You can learn so much from other bloggers, so start out with local groups (or start one!) in your city and branch out.

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1. Keep Those Posts Coming…no matter what!

I have a serious blog-crush on Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. She’s one of my favorites blogs not only because I enjoy reading her content, but because I know each morning I’m going to get a new post – something fresh and fun to start the day! How disappointed are you when you head to your go-to reads on your blogroll and they haven’t posts in 5 days with zero explanation? Are you likely to keep going back every morning when you’re consistently let down? Your readers need to know they can count on you for new content if you want to count on them to come back to your site.

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