When Should I Start Using Eye Cream?

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I remember asking myself this same question, hmmm, about seven years ago. I was still living in Dallas at the time and my roommate came home from work raving about one of her co-worker’s skin. I forget most of the details of the conversation, but the point was that the woman was in her mid-thirties and had glowing skin and almost no wrinkles. My roommate, Lindsey, asked her if she had any secrets she’d love to share with a 23-year old who was suddenly worried about aging. Her biggest secret? To start using eye cream as early as you can. She had started in her early twenties and applied it religiously morning and evening and swore that it was the easiest way to keep yourself looking fresh and young.

After Lindsey finished her story, we both decided that we needed to go out and buy eye cream immediately! So, the next day, I went to the drugstore and browsed the aisles for whatever eye cream I could afford on my ramen-noodle budget. I’m sure I ended up with something that was around $15 and while it wasn’t the greatest, it was a step in the right direction. In fact, it might have been the first step towards my obsession with skincare, even if it wasn’t the most graceful choice!

Admittedly, I fell away from my habits after moving to Chicago, but picked up again two years ago when I really started to noticing small wrinkles around my eyes. I don’t know about you, but my eyes seem to be the area that’s aged the quickest. After that, it’s my forehead, but we’ll save that topic for another day.

My morning and evening skincare routines now both include eye cream as a final step. I’ve tried so many over the past two years, but ultimately have stuck with two favorites—Beautycounter’s Rejuvenating Eye Cream, which I use in the morning, and Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream that I use at night. They’re both safer products which is especially important when you’re applying it to your eyes, because well, it’s your eyes!!! I’ve always had sensitive eyes, so I always try to be careful about the products and makeup that I use to not cause itchiness or other irritation. The skin around our eyes is incredibly delicate and also porous like the rest of our skin, and since eyes produce tears, sometimes eye cream can get in your eye, but try not to do that! I’ve used other products in the past that caused irritation, something I haven’t experienced with either of these products—wahoo!

Why I Love Them

BeautyCounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream: You can also use this one at night, but I love using it in the morning because one of the ingredients is caffeine. I’m so not a morning person and my eyes will prove it. I find that this makes me look more awake in the morning and helps reduce that dreaded under-eye puffiness!

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream: When you sleep, your body goes into detox mode and applying this cream overnight only helps detox your skin. The lines around my eyes are finer than before and the dark circles under my eyes are slowly fading away which means I can wear less coverup during the day!

Other Good Buys

BeautyCounter Nourishing Eye Cream: This one is great if you’re just getting started in the eye cream department and don’t have lots of fine lines and wrinkles yet. It’s only $35 making it a steal for an amazing eye cream that’s free of harmful toxins.

goop by Juice Perfecting Eye Cream: GP is the wellness and clean beauty expert, isn’t she? I wouldn’t mind having skin and hair that looks like hers when I’m her age! I sampled this one last year and really loved it. It’s thick and feels ultra-hydrating and helps plump the skin around your eyes for a youthful glow.

French Girl Under-Eye Elixir: I haven’t tried this one for myself, but it’s 100% vegan and sounds pretty dreamy. I love facial oils, so I can only imagine that an under-eye oil is pretty magnificent too. It claims to sink in quickly and smooth fine lines in a jiff and is only $38.


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If you have any questions on eye cream or safer beauty in general, please don’t hesitate to ask! I have a full page with lots of information here too! You can leave your questions below, or feel free to email me here!

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