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I'm Blair Staky

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32 Weeks

I'm a web designer, SEO nerd, artist, mom and wife. Here I share tidbits of my life, recipes my family loves and my favorite products.

I'm Blair Staky

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Top: Tie Sleeve Sweater, also here and here | Jeans: Ripped Maternity Jeans, non-maternity version | Shoes: Corsa Boots, more colors here | Bag: Escapade Saddle Bag, also here | Necklace: Crescent Necklace

It’s been a while since I did a pregnancy update and a lot has changed since the last one, so I figured I’d fill you in on what’s been happening lately in my world. The size of my belly has drastically changed since 26 weeks and so has my energy level. Read on to see what I’m loving, what I’m wearing, and what I’m struggling with currently.

Update at 32 Weeks Pregnant

What I’m Loving

Baby Kicks

This is still one of my favorite parts about being pregnant! At 32 weeks, baby’s kicks are getting really strong. Sometimes it surprises me and doesn’t feel great when it’s straight to the ribs. Maybe he’ll end up being a star athlete—I know his dad would love that!

Prenatal Yoga

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I miss yoga like crazy and can’t wait to get back to Core Power Yoga for a hot sweaty Vinyasa flow, but until then, these pregnancy yoga videos will have to do! I’ve been trying to practice it a few times a week. It’s so relaxing and is a good, yet gentle workout. I always feel refreshed afterwards.

Headspace Pregnancy Pack

I’ve mentioned Headspace in the past and I’ll be the first to admit that I could definitely get in a better habit about meditating. I was feeling stressed a few weeks ago and hopped on there to find out that they have a pregnancy pack that I’ve been enjoying. It’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or super relaxing before bed. If you’re new to meditating, I highly recommend Headspace! It makes meditation really approachable, easy and something you’ll want to do everyday.

m.gemi corsa boots

street style fall

corsa boots

Oil Cleansing Method

I’ve been practicing the oil cleansing method for several weeks now and have noticed a big difference in how my skin looks. I’m looking forward to see what my skin looks like post-baby when I don’t have crazy hormones and hyper-pigmentation! This is the oil cleanser I’ve been using. I absolutely love it and it’s super affordable! I’m sharing more on this in a few weeks, so if you’re interested, there’s a more in-depth post coming!

Prepping for Baby

More Down Time:

I spent a lot of August getting caught up on content to go live during the months after my due date. It was hectic and a bit stressful, but I looked up one day and was like, wow, I’ve done a lot! So, I’ve been enjoying more down time in the past few weeks and it’s great. It’s nothing crazy, but spending an hour on the phone catching up with my mom, sisters and friends has seemed like such a wonderful escape.

Baby Shower

My baby shower is coming up in just a little over a week! I’m no longer suppose to travel, so friends and family are coming to Chicago to celebrate—I’m so excited and so thankful to have so many of them coming in town to celebrate. I’m also looking forward to finishing up the nursery after that! It’s still in a state of disaster.

[one-half-first]maternity fashion[/one-half-first][one-half]white sweater outfit[/one-half]

fall outfit ideas

blue suede boots

What I’m Wearing

Maternity Jeans

Now that it’s getting cold, I find that I’m wearing less dresses and more pants. I finally found maternity jeans I like—thank goodness! The pair I’m wearing is from Madewell. Who knew they even made maternity jeans! They have pairs that have the belly band and some that don’t so you can pick what you like—I actually have both and really like them both. The belly band jeans are more forgiving and the actual belly band is pretty thin which is nice, some brands have really thick bands with seams that you can see under clothing-not with these!

Cozy Sweaters

We’ve had some chilly days and I’m so thankful that fall is hitting because none of my summer tops fit over my belly. Sweaters though? Yep! The one I’m wearing here is a little shorter than some, so if you’re pregnant, order a size up!

Flats & Boots

My feet don’t hurt so much, but standing for long periods or walking a lot simply makes me tired, so I’ve opted for flats or boots with a low heel. I just got these blue suede ones and I’m completely obsessed. They’re SO comfortable, are the perfect height, and come in more colors with plain heels if these are too out there for you.

Needing a New Coat

It’s not quite cool enough for coats, but some morning I do throw one on for our walk and they’re getting tight! I’ve got my eye on this one. I loved this winter coat last year and really need one that’s shorter for fall weather.

tie sleeve sweater

[one-half-first]blue suede shoes[/one-half-first][one-half]outfit inspiration[/one-half]

casual fall outfits

What I’m Struggling With

Weight Gain

At my last doctor’s appointment, my doctor was concerned that I hadn’t gained enough weight. Honestly, it didn’t surprise me. Despite eating a lot, I’ve always struggled to gain weight. I know, it’s not most pregnant lady’s problem, and if you’re rolling your eyes, I get it. But, just like gaining too much weight can be concerning, so can being underweight. The most frustrating part is that I literally eat more than anyone I know. Yes, I do eat healthy, but I’m getting more than enough calories each day, but apparently it hasn’t been enough.

Even though the doctor said she wasn’t too worried about it, it still stressed me out and I had a mini breakdown last week. Naturally, it made me worry about the health of our baby, and as any of you moms or pregnant girls know, it’s extremely frustrating and disheartening to think you’re doing everything right, but you still don’t have control over what’s happening in or to your body.

One thing that made me feel better was knowing that my mom didn’t gain much weight during her pregnancies either and she gave birth to three healthy baby girls!

Being who I am though, I got home and immediately researched tips for healthy weight gain. I’ve been starting my mornings with a protein smoothie made with 1 scoop of Vega Protein Powder (it’s plant-based and has 20g pea protein in each scoop!), 1 banana, 2 Tbsp of peanut butter, almond milk and 1-2 big spoonfuls of full-fat Greek yogurt. I drink that right when I get up, go for a walk and then make my regular breakfast. I also make sure to eat a snack in the afternoon like mixed nuts, or crackers with peanut butter—something with protein and good fats! So far, it seems to be working, but the downside is that I feel really full all the time which makes going for walks or exercising seem less appealing. Hopefully my body adjusts soon!

Heart Burn

This is new this week too and typically happens at night, right when I’m trying to go to bed. Maybe it’s due to all the extra food I’m eating? Either way, I’ve found that eating dinner earlier and not laying down for a while helps. Sleeping on my left side helps too as stomach acid has to travel up when you’re on your left side making heartburn less intense than it is on my right side.

Short of Breath

I remember feeling out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs in my first trimester, and that’s back. We live on the second floor of our building and have a flight of stairs inside to our bedroom—needless to say, I’m winded often, ha!


I haven’t hit a point where I need to nap in the middle of the day, but I’m definitely finding that I get tired more and more quickly as time goes on. The annoying part is that some nights I can’t fall asleep either, even though I’m completely exhausted. I’ve noticed that I sleep better on days when I exercise, meditate, get in bed and put my phone away early so I can actually relax before it’s time to turn out the lights. The Dohm machine helps too!

I’m still in disbelief that I’m 8 weeks away from my due date. I can still remember when I was just 8 weeks pregnant and seeing his little heartbeat flicker on the ultrasound. There’s still lots to do, but I’m finding myself less stressed and more and more excited about meeting our little guy. Self-care has become my top priority and it feels good—I should make that my top priority all the time!

I know many of you are also pregnant—I’d love to hear how far along you are what feelings/emotions/symptoms you’re currently dealing with!

BTW, 26 weeks pregnant, and my fears about becoming a mom.

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