What Are You Reading Right Now?

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Top: Stripe Side Tie Tee, also here and in brown | Jeans: Maternity Jeans, non-maternity version here | Boots:Newbury Booties, also love this pair and this pair | Bag: Raye Leather Tote (now 50% off!), also obsessed with this one | Accessories: Mixed Statement Earrings | Leonard Sunglasses | Crescent Necklace

Earlier this year, I was in a really good habit of reading. I’d put on my robe and slippers, make a cup of sleepy time tea, hop into bed early and read a chapters of my book. Not only was this routine super relaxing, it was also a nice distraction from everyday life. For just a few minutes, all to-do lists, inboxes and stray thoughts were set aside and I’d fully immerse myself in the story. Another perk? The combination of reading in a warm bed with a cup of hot tea would make me very sleepy. After turning off the lights, I’d drift off to sleep easily.

A few of my favorite books that I read this year are “All The Light We Cannot See”, “The Nightingale”, “The Cartel” and it’s counterpart “The Power of the Dog“, and “The French Beauty Solution”. Have you read any of them? Which did you like?

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Lately my reading material has shifted in a new direction. Can you guess what it is?

On the nights I can keep myself awake long enough to actually read, the subject matter has shifted to babies and health. I’m deep into “Bringing up Bébé” right now and also half way through “WomanCode” (for a second time). They’re fitting for right now and I’m really enjoying both of them (obviously you know how I feel about “WomanCode”), but they both require more attention to detail. They’re both self-help style books that are chock full of amazing information, and I want to soak up as much as I can! But, if I’m being honest, I do miss reading fiction simply for pleasure.

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So, I’m on the hunt for some new books to add to my list!

I’m still planning on finishing these two, but I’m trying to read them in the morning or on the weekend when my brain is fully awake and not drifting off too sleep. I desperately need some suggestions for good books though! Tell me, have you read any good books lately? Which ones did you like and why? I’d love your recommendations!

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Stripes Under $50

Before I leave you—let’s chat about this casual fall outfit idea! This striped top I’m wearing here is super comfortable, but runs a bit small! I’m wearing a medium here and would probably order a medium even if I wasn’t pregnant because I like my tees to fit a little oversize. I also just picked up this gorgeous tote bag. It was one of those pieces that as soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it. I love the detail of the stitching! This color is sold out, but the mushroom color is 50% off now! Th It holds a bunch so I’m thinking it’ll be perfect after the baby arrives and I have more stuff to tote around!

Have you done any fall shopping yet?

BTW, 5 random things I’m currently loving, and are you saving for anything special?

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