Health & Happiness Challenge No. 5

benefits of drinking water

benefits of drinking water

Before we dive into this week’s challenge—one that I seriously love, I wanted to share something real quick! If you missed my Insta Story earlier this week, I was on the Colorful Eats podcast talking about my health journey, things I still struggle with and what keeps me motivated. I absolutely love Caroline & Justine’s podcast and if you want to listen, you can here!

Okay, now onto today’s challenge! Let me ask you something—what is the first thing (or one of the first things!) you do in the morning? Check your email, Instagram, get in the shower, walk the dog? Cool, but is drinking a glass or two of water also in there?

Health & Happiness Challenge No. 5

Drink a Full Glass of Water in Morning

If not, it should be! This week’s challenge is one I love and one that will make you feel better pretty much immediately. After practicing this consistently for a week, you’ll probably notice that you have more energy too! Before your morning gets crazy and hectic, drink a full glass, preferably two glasses of water before heading out the door.

I started this habit back when I read WomanCode and it’s been one that I’ve been doing ever since! I aim for two glasses each morning before I head out for our morning walk. One morning, I actually forgot and within an hour, I felt exhausted again, dizzy and foggy. That was all I needed to not forget again!

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So, sure, drinking water in the morning makes you feel better, but why is it really important? Drinking water on an empty stomach can aid in digestion and get your metabolism moving and helps keep you regular. Don’t forget that your body has just gone without any hydration for the past 8 hours or so and drinking water when you wake up helps rehydrate you. It’ll make your skin look full and hydrated as well! Every system in our bodies relies on water, so give it what it needs!

I also find that when I drink water in the morning, I’m more likely to drink more water throughout the day which is a bonus! The easiest way for me to remember is to keep a glass or water bottle next to my bed and fill it up when I wake up. If you like to sit in bed and browse your emails or the internet before you get up, take that time to drink your water.

Do you drink water first thing in the morning? What other healthy morning habits do you have? I’d love to hear!

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