How to Create a Dream-Inducing Bedroom

crisp white bedding

QUILT & SHAMS: The Cloud Quilt & Shams, c/o | SHEETS: Belgian Flax Linen Sheets | COFFEE: Bodum French Press, also love this copper one | MUGS: Bellezza Mugs | SAUCER: Bellezza Creamer | BOWLS: Mini Latte Bowls | TRAY: White Tray | LAMPS: Between a Rock and a Table Lamp | HEADBOARD: DIY Upholstered Headboard
ON ME: DRESS: Stripe Skater Dress

Let’s be straight about one thing. In the Staky house, we love our sleep and part of what makes sleep so wonderfully amazing? An equally as amazing bed, or as my mother calls it ‘biscuit’. My mom grew up calling our beds, ‘our biscuits’ and the name stuck.

I like the analogy though, and each night I crawl into bed thinking about how I’m going to melt into dreamland like a piece of butter in a warm biscuit. What can I say? It reminds me of being a kid 🙂

Ever since the weather started getting warmer, I’ve been systematically going around the house, cleaning, reorganizing and doing some redecorating. I switched around the placement of a few rugs, ordered new lamps, cleaned out my closet (again), and bought fabric for new pillows. For months now, getting new bedding has been on my list, and I finally tackled the project!
We liked our old bedding just fine, but I was hankering for some new sheets and a new quilt that made more sense for us.

Before the new bedding, we had a silk quilt that was pretty, but not very functional. It was white, which I love, but with a dog, it would get dirty so quickly, and keeping him off of the bed is pretty much impossible.

The corner of the bed has quickly become Oliver’s favorite spot to snooze during the day. I’m pretty sure it’s because the air vent above him blows on his head and keeps him cool during the summer. Also, I won’t lie, our bed is really comfortable. We splurged on a new mattress after we got married and I can easily say that it’s been one of the best investments we’ve made. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, am I right?!

peonies and gold lamp
breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Back to Oliver though. I don’t mind that he sleeps on the bed during the day, but I was getting fed up with the bed always looking a little dingy. Since the silk quilt could only be dry-cleaned, I didn’t end up washing it very often, which, yes, is gross, but dry-cleaning is expensive!

So when I started the hunt for a new quilt, I had a few things in mind — it had to be machine-washable and it had to be white! Don’t you think white is so clean, fresh and crisp?! I also love that I can easily switch up the look by changing out the accent pillows.

I finally came across The Cloud Quilt at Crane & Canopy and we’ve loved it! Yes, it still gets dirty from Oliver’s naps, but I can throw it in the wash anytime I need to which is so much easier and less expensive than lugging it to the dry cleaners.

While a good quilt or duvet cover is usually the part that everyone sees, it’s not the only element in creating a fabulous, cozy biscuit. Here are my ingredients for creating a cozy bedtime retreat in your own home…

french press coffee
french press and breakfast in bed


Step One: Mattress

A good mattress is the foundation for any good bed. A nice one can help you sleep more soundly and keep you from waking up with a sore back or neck. We have a Tempur-Pedic mattress and like I mentioned earlier, it’s definitely some of the best money we’ve ever spent. Plus, it’s guaranteed to last 10 years!

Step Two: Sheets

Soft, cozy sheets are step two! Since you lay in between these, comfort is key. This is one spot where I’ve shied away from white. We had white sheets before and I found that they always looked dirty, yuck. I recently got these Belgian linen sheets and we’re obsessed. The first weekend after I bought them, Rob slept for a good ten hours and I think these amazing sheets were partially to blame.

Step Three: Quilt

A simple quilt is not only beautiful, but timeless too. We’re obsessed with this simple one from Crane & Canopy. I also love this one and this one! We decided against a duvet cover because Rob gets hot at night. While I love the way they look, I always find that the stuffing keeps me way too warm.

white cloud bedding

breakfast in bed
peonies and gold lamp


Step Four: Finishing Touches

Since I don’t sleep as warm as Rob, I tend to get a bit chilly at night. We keep a blanket at the end of the bed so I can use it when I need to. I also love the way it looks when the bed is made. We got matching shams to go with our quilt and I added one throw pillow to the middle to tie in the colors of the rug into the bed.

Step Five: Peaceful Scents

This last step has less to do with the bed, and more to do with the ambiance in your bedroom. To keep our bedroom peaceful and tranquil we don’t have a TV in there so at night, I like to light a soothing candle, read my book (currently reading All The Light We Cannot See) and drink sleepy-time tea before dozing off.

Do you love your bed? What other elements make up a cozy bedroom to you?

BTW, the 10 minute routine that keeps me sane and what does your dream home look like?

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