Fall Boho Outfit & a Life Update

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Dress: Perfectly Victorian Dress, also here | Boots: Over the Knee Boots | Bag: Escapade Bag, also here | Necklace: Crescent Necklace | Sunnies: Sunglasses | Bracelets: Fiji & Linear Bracelets

Is this it? Is fall finally here to stay?!

As much as I prefer sunshine, the rainy forecast has me hopeful that there are no more heat waves coming. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer! And it’s been nice to have a bit of an extended one this year, but the constant change in temperatures keeps making me sick. Plus, being 35 weeks (today) pregnant with hot weather is straight up exhausting! I should also mention that we snapped these photos a few weeks ago—my bump is considerably bigger now!

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over the knee boots outfit

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My closet is still in that weird in between time where I have boots sitting next to sandals because everyday has been different. But, this outfit has been perfect for those in between days. The boots and the color of the dress give it a nice fall flair, but the dress is still nice and breezy! When it officially cools off, a long coat will be the perfect additional layer!

Over the Knee Boots


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boho outfit ideas

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over the knee boots outfit

On another note, I feel like I hit a turning point this week. Last week I was feeling completely stressed out, overwhelmed and honestly nervous about that whole giving birth thing. Maybe the reality that my due date is in 5 weeks finally sunk in? Either way, I was a bit of a wreck and had trouble sleeping and getting anything done.

Thankfully, I started feeling a whole lot better about it all this week. Over the weekend I washed all of the baby clothes and sheets, put the bed together, ordered the final pieces for the nursery and took out the giant stack of boxes that had been collecting by the door. I checked some major things off my to-do list and have been focusing on creating a peaceful environment before bedtime so I can fall asleep easier. I’d been sleeping great, but it’s getting harder for me to find a comfortable position and heartburn randomly wakes me up in the night too. What I’ve learned is that my emotions and feelings during pregnancy shift frequently and suddenly and there’s not much I can do about it, so for now I’ll enjoy this calm state I’m in!

Is it starting to feel like fall where you live? What worries did you have towards the end of your pregnancy?

photography by Iron & Honey

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