Life Lately & a Few More Sales

How is Thanksgiving already over? Is it just me, or did the holiday weekend fly by? We had Rob’s family in town and had Thanksgiving dinner at our house which was so nice and relaxing. With Owen only being two weeks old (as of today!), it was so nice to dress casually and not worry about toting around all of his stuff. I keep forgetting what all I need each time I feed him, so I can only imagine if we weren’t at home and I’d forgotten a burb cloth or diaper.

For the most part, we hung out at our place and everyone took turns holding Owen between feedings. It was so nice to have extra help around the house so I could do a few chores or simply take a nap. One night, Rob and I even snuck out for a couple of hours for a drink. It was so weird sitting at the bar having a drink and thinking, we have a kid, ha!

Rob goes back to work today, which is both a little exciting and terrifying. I’ve loved having him home the past two weeks because he was so helpful and made transitioning to our new life so much easier, but I’m also excited to see how things go on our own. I know it won’t be easy, but this will be our everyday life, so it’s about time I start figuring it out.

These first two weeks, I’ve fed Owen when he seems hungry, which has been about every 2-3 hours and this week, I’m really focusing on getting this little guy on a stricter schedule. I’m a planner and when things are running smoothly, I’m less stressed, so I think scheduling his days will greatly benefit everyone and hopefully get him sleeping through the night sooner! I know that was a lot of baby updates, and I promise, I won’t only talk about Owen, but he’s only two weeks so that’s pretty much my life right now!

Onto today’s big event—Cyber Monday! As if Thanksgiving isn’t crazy enough, let’s throw in two of the biggest shopping days of the whole year too! Hopefully you took advantage of Black Friday deals, but if not, you’re in luck. It’s Cyber Monday, which means you get one more day of savings and sometimes the savings today are the best! I did some shopping on Black Friday, but today is the day I really knock out a ton of my holiday shopping, and here’s why.

For starters, I love to online shop. I don’t like going into stores because I find it stressful, chaotic and exhausting. Plus, it seems like they never have exactly what I came in for, and if they do, the likelihood that they have the size I’m looking for is slim to none. I don’t like fighting crowds, waiting in line or scouring the streets for parking either. What I do like, is pouring myself another cup of coffee, getting back in bed with my shopping list and comfortably shopping the best deals while in my pajamas.

The whole process is a lot faster, a lot less stressful and the savings are just as good (sometimes better!) as in store. Typically by today I’ve done some shopping, but I do like to knock out the rest of my shopping while the deals are sweet and call it a day. When they arrive a few days later, I’ll wrap them up, stick them under the tree and be done! Which reminds me, we need to get a tree!

So, without further ado, here are the places I’m shopping today and what deals they’re currently offering!

Best Cyber Monday Sales


If you’re looking for electronics and tech stuff for anyone on your list, make sure to check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals. If you have Prime, you’ll get free or super cheap shipping too!

Ann Taylor

Save HALF on EVERYTHING and get free shipping with code BESTMONDAY! Ann Taylor doesn’t offer free shipping often, so that’s huge!

Banana Republic

Again, save 50% off everything at Banana Republic. Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Heads up, this deal is online only!


Say what?! 40% off, plus an additional 10% off at J.Crew?! This deal ends really soon—at noon today to be exact, so hurry!


Get 50% off everything AND free shipping with code CLICK at Loft.

Mark & Graham

Save 20% off leather goods and perfect gifts from Mark & Graham. This carry-on suitcase is gorgeous. A gorgeous leather tote with a monogram always makes for a good gift and these tassel keychains are perfect stocking stuffers.


Get an extra 20% off select sale items at Nordstrom! There are still so many good pieces available at HUGE discounts!!


Holiday bra wardrobe sale on select 2-3-4 bra wardrobes! You can save $30 (vs reg. $15) on 2-bra wardrobe. Save $50 (vs reg. $25) on 3-bra wardrobes. Plus, save $70 (vs reg. $50) on 4-bra wardrobes. Side note, my nursing bras from ThirdLove are pretty much the only ones I wear. They’re so comfortable and much easier than the other pull-on styles I have.

West Elm

West Elm is having a really amazing Cyber Monday sale and a ton of stuff has already been marked down. You can also use code FREERIDE for a bunch of items (but you can’t use both deals unfortunately). I’ve been wanting a full-length mirror ever since we moved into our new place and finally bought this one which was over $100 off! I’m not sure where I’ll put it yet, but we can figure that out at a later date. I also picked up a Christmas present for Rob, but I won’t share just in case he reads this!

How do you prefer to shop? In-store or online? Are you finished with your holiday shopping yet?

BTW, gifts for mom and dad, gifts for guys and girls, and beauty and skincare gifts.


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