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I'm Blair Staky

web designer, blogger, artist, mom & wife

I'm a web designer, SEO nerd, artist, mom and wife. Here I share inspiration and ideas for creating a happy home & fulfilled life! 

I'm Blair Staky

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Fall Home Projects on My List

dining room before for Fall Home Projects

It’s been a little over a year since we moved into our cottage-style home in Denver and when I look back at photos from the original listing, I’m reminded of how far it’s come in a short time. Our home honestly didn’t need any major work, the previous owners did an amazing job when they updated and added onto the back of the home. So, anything we’ve done is just cosmetic—paint, trim, art and furniture!

And, like I said, we’ve done a lot. Or rather, I’ve done a lot—Rob is not a big fan of house projects and if it were up to him, our house would look exactly like it did the day we moved in, ha!

Here’s a few projects we completed this past year:

I’m sure I’m forgetting some other small projects, but it’s changed a lot! I started on our dining room, which also desperately needed to be skim coated, and then I hit a wall. It’s a lot of work, especially to do alone, and even more so when you’re still learning how to use power tools. But, suddenly, the itch is back and here’s what’s on my list for tackling this fall.

Fall Home Projects List

Dining Room

dining room
original dining room
dining room Fall Home Projects
current state

We aren’t hosting for the holidays, but our dining room is the most un-finished area in our home and I’m ready to finish it so we can use it more and host more dinner parties for friends and family. It won’t happen overnight, but I do have some big ideas for this space.

I’m nearly done with the skim-coating, and then my plan is to add picture frame moulding to the room, paint it with a sprayer so it has a very even finish that looks like true moulding and then paint it white. I know, we have so much white, but as an artist, I swap out art all the time, and white is an easy canvas to make that happen.

I’d also love to swap the lighting out because our current lantern in there just doesn’t provide much light. This chandelier has been on my wishlist for a long long time! Lastly, I’d love some sort of hutch that I can store our pretty plates in that shows them off!

Owen’s Room

bedroom before renovation

Turns out I am QUEEN of starting projects and not finishing them. I added board and batten to Owen’s room earlier this summer, got half of the caulking done and just stopped. Life happens, right? It’s on my list to finish that caulking and filling the nails holes and then I plan on hiring someone else to paint. His room has crazy tall vaulted ceilings and I’m just not even going to attempt that. I’ve learned sometimes it’s better to just pay a professional to do it!

I’m planning on painting the board and batten a light grey and the top half of the room white to brighten it up as it doesn’t get the best natural light.

Future Projects


kitchen green cabinets, black countertops

I’ve been dreaming about what to do to the kitchen since we moved in. And I have to say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our kitchen. The flow is perfect, the cabinets are beautiful, but they’ve been loved. They’re an ivory/white color and are stained in many places and a fresh coat of paint would just liven them up!

kitchen inspiration with green cabinets, black countertops

Originally, I thought I’d stick with white. However, I have been loving green lately and how it looks with black countertops which we already have. A lighter backsplash and new hardware would really make such a huge difference in here, IMO!


I don’t know what it is about older homes in Denver, but they really loved the texture! Our upstairs hall, landing and the entryway (and the entryway ceiling!) all have this thick texture that I can’t stand. It’s such a massive undertaking, so this will get pushed down the line. However, I do think it would make such a big difference in this space. It brightens the space up because all the little bumps cast dark shadows on the wall So, while so many people say “no one will notice this!” the reality is that I do, and I’m here all day looking at it, haha!

Re-Paint Master Bath

bathroom after Fall Home Projects renovation

It’s currently blue, which I don’t mind, but it’s a little brighter than what I’d pick. Plus, the toilet paper holder has fallen out and left a massive hole in the wall and I have no idea what color they used, so patching it would make things tough. This is low on my list though, so I likely won’t bother with it for a while!

At the end of the day, I absolutely adore our house, adding our personal touches to it is one of my favorite hobbies and something I truly enjoy. I can’t wait to share more as these things come to fruition this season!! At least, I hope they get finished in the next few months, ha!

BTW, dining room inspiration, and how to hang your curtains correctly, plus our favorites.

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