5 Things

So this little series, Five Things, will start happening on Fridays in the new year. I’m trying to incorporate more original photography and little tidbits of my everyday life. While this post doesn’t have that much original photography, bare with me! I’m still getting caught up and hope to add more next week. Plus, it’s been freezing this week (negative temps people!), so it hasn’t allowed us to get out much! I hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend!

furry footwear, london, lacy white skirts, minted artwork, blair culwell, the fox and she
1. Furry Footwear: with subzero temperatures this week, these adorable booties from Furry Footwear are saving Oliver’s paws! He hates his feet being touched and doesn’t mind when I put these on. If you live in a cold climate and have a pet, you NEED these.

minted art print, horse photograph, contemplate, artwork, blair culwell, the fox and she
2. Contemplate: The title of this horse print on Minted that I’m looking at for our bedroom. No, I don’t ride horses, but the look in that horses eyes really draws me in and that’s what art is all about, right?! Speaking on art, I’ve submitted work to Minted’s Work of Art Challenge, if you like these, please vote for my work here!

furry footwear, london, lacy white skirts, minted artwork, blair culwell, the fox and she
3. London: I’m dreaming of this summer when I plan to visit one of my friends during her 5-week stay to Londonimage via. It’s been a long time since I’ve been and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more exploring, tips welcome!

lace skirt, lace pencil skirt, white lace skirt, women's fashion, the fox and she, blair culwell
4. Lacy White Skirts: I know that it’ll be a while until I can wear these, but the freezing cold weather this week has me dying for warm weather, white skirts, lace and most of all, a tan. Lacy Pencil Skirt & Lacy Mini Skirt

moody photography, food photography, rosemary, cooking, the fox and she, blair culwell
5. Moody Photography: One of my other goals is to practice photography more this year and learn more about lighting, composition, etc. Lately I’ve been inspired by moody photography, so I figured I’d give it a try. I think the one from Instagram is a little bit more moody, but I also loved this shot.

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