8 Things to Buy During the Nordstrom Sale

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Good morning, I hope your weekend is off to a relaxing start. My first priority was sleeping late! Owen and I got home around 5 yesterday after a long day of travel. The rest of our week was pretty relaxing and I spent most of it disconnecting, but now I’m back and diving head first into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I shared some of my favorite picks on day one, but wasn’t able to actually go and try things on since there was no Nordstrom in Aspen. Instead, we did a 20 mile bike ride, which honestly, was a good alternative—that first day sometimes wears me out!

I wanted to share a few more favorites now that the craziness of day one of the #NSale is over. And, now that I’ve had more time to slowly go back through and really comb through everything!

It can be so overwhelming, because there is so much good stuff! My best advice? Think about what you wear most in the fall and winter and get those! Basics are also a good thing to stock up on because they rarely go on sale (I just bought these bras because I was still wearing my nursing ones) and you won’t regret buying them in a couple of months when the weather finally gets cool again.

I snagged a few pieces on day one, but just placed another big order and can’t wait to show you guys what I got! Here are the top 8 things I look to buy each year and some of the very best pieces on sale!

Have a happy weekend friends!

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