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Are You a Spender or Saver?

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Top: Park City Pullover, also here, also love this one | Shoes: Clara Heel, in black | Jeans: Maternity Skinny Crop Jeans, non-maternity version here | Bag: sold out Raye Leather Tote, nearly identical here and similar here

When I was in elementary school my mom gave us chores each week. At the end of the week, depending on our age and the level of complexity of our given chores, we got paid! I don’t remember the exact amount, but I’d be willing to bet it was somewhere around $5 a week. I was only 6 years old after all.

The very first day I remember crossing off my chores on my laminated list with a Vis-a-Vis (remember those?) and running into my parents room with my pink Cash Box in hand, telling my mom that they were done and I was ready to get paid. She was still in bed and sleepily explained that I would get paid at the end of the week, not everyday and she’d review the chore sheet on Friday. I was a little disappointed, but understood and left motivated. Only 4 more days before that $5 was mine!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed making money and I’ve loved saving it. I feel really good when I put money in my savings account, haha—is that weird?

Okay, sure, yes, of course I spend! I save up for things I want and have had my eye on, but I never buy things too impulsively. Okay, maybe never isn’t the right word. I did buy these over-the-knee boots without thinking too hard (but they’re so worth it!). The point is, I think about what I’m going to buy, weigh the options, check my bank account to make sure I can afford it and take some time to decide if it’s really worth it before taking the plunge. No, I’m not always looking for the most budget-friendly options, but I’m also not splurging on the best of the best either. I probably over analyze things too much, but oh well—that’s simply who I am!

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That being said, I did splurge a bit on this tote bag, but it wasn’t without careful thought. I have one other tote bag that I use all the time. I love how big it is and that I can pack my laptop, computer and clothes for the gym in one bag. Plus, I think it will seriously come in handy when the baby arrives! It sold out, but it’s available in a slightly different shape, but same design here. If it’s this green color you like, I love this one and rounded up a few more below!

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I think my parents drilled it into us early that we should always be able to support ourselves no matter what happens and having a cushion to fall back on was a good plan, and it stuck with me. It’s a lesson I’m very thankful for now that I’m in my 30s too!

I definitely err on the side of saver, but I do have a spender side in me too! Don’t we all? Do you find that you’re naturally more of a spender or a saver? What is your thought process being making big purchases?

BTW, how often do you give compliments, and one jacket you need in your closet.