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The past few weeks, my body has felt sort of off. I’ll admit that I haven’t been exercising much or eating as healthy and definitely indulging a little too much in the past few months, but it’s time that changes. I’ve also noticed that my spending this past month was a little more than I would have liked it to be with multiple trips and a wedding coming up. I might blame the weather for that one. What else am I suppose to do while I’m holed up inside for weeks at a time?!

After googling all kinds of juice cleansing, detox diets, and getting inspired by Stephanie’s financial fast, I got inspired and maybe a bit impulsive and hit the grocery to load up on healthy foods, smoothie fixings and keep myself from ordering takeout on these cold nights.

With Rob’s birthday, a friend’s birthday brunch, Valentine’s Day and an upcoming trip to Dallas for our engagement party, this month doesn’t really lend itself to not going out, but I can definitely cut out any extra shopping. It’s not like spring is coming anytime soon anyway. So, this month, I’m vowing not to do any shopping, except for a dress to wear to our engagement party (is that cheating already?!).

Along with the no shopping, I’m also vowing to drink more water, kick my coffee habit in lieu of green tea, cut out processed foods, cut way back on sugar (alcohol too) and dairy, drink a green smoothie everyday, go to yoga at least twice a week and go on longer walks with Oliver.

The goal is that in 21-days I’ll feel better and have saved some money! To keep myself on track, I made a little spreadsheet that I can update at the end of the day to see how I’m doing or remind myself of what I haven’t done.

Has anyone else done anything like this recently? I know it will take a lot of will power, but I think it will pay off and I know my body and bank account will thank me for it!

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