Do You Speak a Foreign Language?

fall outfit

Do you speak a foreign language? I don’t, well, not really at least.

I took Spanish all through middle school, high school and even into college. I even studied abroad in high school and in college in Spanish speaking countries, Guanajuato, Mexico and Madrid, Spain to be exact! You’d think I’d be fluent, but everything I learned and absorbed when I was there has pretty much faded away. Sure, I still know a few phrases and lots of words, but I’m no where close to my old skills!

over the knee boots

red calf hair boots
navy floppy hat

calf hair bag

This outfit makes me wish I knew French…or lived in France! Can’t you just see me walking down the streets of Paris wearing this? Hahaha, okay, a girl can dream, right?! But this whole look, down to the accessories from the StyleWatch x Charming Charlie Collection, reminds me of French style. My relatively plain outfit of a sweater, pleated skirt and over the knee boots got dressed up with this hat, faux calf hair bag, bracelet and sunglasses. I love that this hat is blue instead of black. It goes with literally everything! Have you browsed the rest of the collection? It’s all gorgeous and totally affordable!

fall outfit inspiration

Charming Charlie x StyleWatch

perfect fall bag

pleated leather skirt

A few years ago, we went to Paris around the New Year and it was absolutely magical. Even in the cold, the city of lights easily became one of my favorite places we’ve ever visited. I can really imagine sitting on a sidewalk cafe with Rob, sipping coffee or champagne, reading a book and watching people walking by while wearing this French-inspired look. The only thing that would have made our trip better, is if we knew French. Any foreign city, no matter how much English is spoken, is easier to navigate if you speak the native tongue! Plus, French just sounds so beautiful!

Do you speak any other languages? If not, are there any languages you wish you knew?

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