3 Pregnancy Superfoods & How to Eat Them

3 pregnancy super foods and how to eat them

Never ever in my life have I been more in tune with what I’m eating than before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy. I already knew that what we eat is super important, but after reading this book that changed my life, I realized just how much it can do for us so I cleaned up my act. Not only did it help us get pregnant when we wanted to, but I think eating healthy and staying on track has made me feel better and more energetic throughout my pregnancy. Though, now that we’re in the last trimester, I’m definitely a lot more tired than I was in the beginning!

Of course, I do slip up. I’ve mentioned the donut cravings multiple times. However, in today’s video, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pregnancy superfoods and how I like to eat them! To be honest, these foods are really good for anyone—pregnant or not! They’re full of omega-3s, lean protein and lots of good fats!

Watch the Pregnancy Superfoods Video

pregnancy superfoods
pregnancy super foods

What foods did you try to eat a lot of during your pregnancy? Any that I missed?!

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BTW, my pregnancy diet and workout, and planning our nursery.

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