Pillow Makings


I’m in Dallas all this week, so while I have a car at my disposal, I’ve been taking advantage of easily transporting myself to different places. I’ve been doing some practicing on my sewing machine and have managed to remind myself how to thread the dang thing and actually sew! Now that I’ve done that, it’s time to actually get to sewing some pillows.

My bed is in need of a few new ones and I might make some for outside. I have a feeling out patio will be getting a lot of use come fall. I went in thinking I knew what I wanted and came out more confused. There were too many beautiful fabrics at City Craft so I went ahead and just snapped a few pictures of some of my favorites so that I could decide later.

My room is mostly white, with grey side tables, gold lamps and light blue walls. What would you do?


gorgeous pillows at the shop across the street


love the feel of this pink and and yellow ikat like fabric



somewhat unrelated, but I loved these chairs



love the grey print for the patio


might be fun paired with my leopard Arianne Belle pillow


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