Health & Happiness Challenge No. 3

give a compliment

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When was the last time someone, that you knew or a stranger, paid you a compliment? I won’t lie, it doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it feel pretty awesome. It’s easy for me to get so stuck in my own head and when someone else points out something that you’re doing well or even that your hair looks good, it feels nice.

You know what else feels amazing?

Giving someone a compliment. Seeing a person’s face light up or get excited or just look genuinely grateful after being paid a compliment really makes me feel equally as happy. They’re easy to give too, but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t do it enough. When I make it a priority to say something nice to someone at least once a day (though I like to aim for more!), it brightens my own day and boosts my mood. So, this week’s challenge is to give someone—a friend or stranger—a compliment.

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Health & Happiness Challenge No. 3

Give One Person (or more) a Compliment Everyday

In Person

Ironically enough, I find that I give in-person compliments to strangers more than anyone else. Maybe it’s because the average day for me is spent in my home office with no co-workers. The people I typically run into are people on the street or in shops when I’m running errands. I’ve told the girl bagging groceries that she had beautiful hair, and told a neighbor that I loved the color she’d painted her front door. No, these are not ground-breaking compliments, but both people were equally as surprised and appreciative of my comment. And, it made me feel good to see that it pleased them! I need to make more of a point to do that with friends and family too!

In a Text

We’re already on our phones all day, and a simple text message could really make someone’s day! Most of my friends and family don’t live in Chicago, so connecting over text is quick, easy and can still be really meaningful. I usually send a text when I know someone’s going through a rough patch and needs a little extra encouragement each day.

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On the Phone

I won’t lie, I hate talking on the phone, so this one is tough for me, but hearing someone’s voice is huge! It’s almost as good as that in-person compliment!

Snail Mail

I think we can all agree that receiving a sweet note in the mail is the best! And, it doesn’t happen that often. If you have the time, write a note to a friend and pop it in the mail. It’s quicker than you think and can totally make someone’s day!

If you’re having trouble remembering, simply add it to your to-do list, or set an alarm to send a friend a text.

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