How to Create a Spa Environment at Home

Imagine this. It’s Friday night, you’ve had a hell of a week and all you want to do is hide inside and give yourself a little R&R and escape from the world of work, obligations and too much technology. Let’s be real, you deserve a break after a week like this! We all need to take breaks and do a little something special for ourselves every once and a while.

Getting a facial on a regular basis (about every 6 weeks) is my favorite way to treat myself. It’s not only great for your skin, but helps relieve stress and feels heavenly!

But, spa treatments aren’t cheap and if it’s not in your budget, or you want to feel pampered more often than every 6 weeks, create a similar experience with a spa at home. After an especially busy period of work or travel, I love turning my bathroom into a spa oasis, by turning off all technology and giving myself a mini facial at home! It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long week and is far better for you than that entire bottle of wine you’re thinking about drinking, ha!

Here are my essentials for creating a spa experience in your own home.

Prep the At Home Spa Day Environment

First thing’s first. To get a spa experience, you have to create a peaceful and relaxing environment, which can be a little tricky at home. Make sure to clear up any clutter before you get started as the clutter can be distracting and keep you from relaxing.

For me, the combination of the peaceful music and dimmed lights makes me feel instantly at peace. The soft light makes it easier to relax because it doesn’t stimulate your brain like a bright light would. I love lighting a candle with a relaxing scent or diffusing oil. Scent can instantly set the mood! Lavender is a great one for relaxing and we light this one frequently. You can also turn on some peaceful music if you want. I found a station on Pandora station called ‘Spa’ that’s super relaxing! Lastly, turn off your phone or at least set it to silent and leave your laptop in another room!

How To Pamper Yourself At Home:

Put on a fluffy robe or whatever you’re most comfortable in. Before you dim the lights, pull out all the products you’re planning on using as well as some fresh towels. Put the products in order too so you know what to grab first. These little things will make it easier, aka more relaxing, to get your spa on.

Cleanse: First thing’s first! Take off any makeup! After I remove my makeup, I like to use my Clarisonic for a good deep clean.

Exfoliate: You can use a gentle exfoliating wash or something like a peel. I love this Regenerating Face Wash for everyday use and love using this Green Apple Peel from Juice Beauty once a week.

Mask: Apply a face of your choice—just make sure to read how long you’re suppose to leave it on as different types of masks need to stay on different lengths of time. Wash it off after your timer goes off. I like to switch up my masks and rotate between my favorites like this balancing charcoal mask, brightening mask, this resurfacing mask and this deep cleaning clay mask.

Tone & Moisturize: Spray a toner on and after it’s dry, apply your moisturizer. I like to massage a few drops of balancing facial oil (love this one and this one) into my skin before applying my face cream. Lastly, I always apply this eye cream around my entire eye area!

Now, just grab a cup of herbal tea, a good book, maybe a puppy and just chill!

how to create a spa environment at home

BTW, when should you start using eye cream, and I tried natural deodorant and this happened.

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