4 Easy Ways to Get a Healthy Start to your Morning

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Collagen benefits are endless—they support healthy skin, hair and nail growth. Collagen supplements are an easy way to get a healthy start to each day. thefoxandshe.com

Mornings have never come naturally for me, especially Monday mornings, but pulling myself out of bed at 7:30 is sometimes a real struggle—even if I’ve had a solid night’s sleep! I know that’s all about to change soon, so I’m letting myself enjoy that sleep as much as possible before the baby comes. Despite not being a perky morning person, I find that getting a good start to my day is essential in making the rest of my day productive and positive.

My attitude and outlook are really determined by how my morning runs, so if I can make healthy choices, choose to see the positive and avoid stressful situations in those first two hours, it’s going to be a much better day. So, making those healthy decisions each morning has become a priority. They say one smart choice leads to more and it’s so right! Here are my top 5 ways to get a healthy start to the day, which will undoubtedly lead to a better day!

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As my pregnancy progresses, I find that some mornings I feel a little bit achy. My back occasionally hurts and sometimes my arms are sore from sleeping in new positions. Getting a quick, but good stretch in while I’m still in my robe seems to get the blood flowing and makes me feel more awake.

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Collagen Coffee

Not only is coffee an essential part of my morning, it’s become a bonus step in my skincare routine. I started adding Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides or Marine Collagen to my coffee earlier this year and I can see a noticeable difference in how my skin looks. My hair and nails also grow stronger and don’t break nearly as much. Having a warm drink in the morning helps me wake up and makes it easier for me to sit down at my desk and get started.

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Brisk Walk

If you don’t have a dog, this one might be harder to fit in. But getting in a quick walk, or even a full workout first thing in the morning is such a great way to get your metabolism going and get your heart rate up. I always feel so much more awake after our walks and far more prepared to take on the day’s to-do list.

Balanced Breakfast

If you’re normally someone that skips breakfast, you really shouldn’t! By the time you’ve woken up, your body hasn’t had anything to eat in hours. Your blood sugar drops and if you don’t eat anything until lunch, it will continue to drop and can leave you feeling fatigued or moody. I always recommend eating some protein in the morning like eggs or an omelette or scramble. Even a hardboiled egg would work (and it’s easy if you’re running out the door). I also eat 1/4-1/2 avocado in the morning as well because it keeps me feeling full until lunch.

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