15 Faux Leather Pieces You Need This Fall

15 Faux Leather Pieces You Need for Fall — via @TheFoxandShe

Every fall I find myself swooning over gorgeous leather pieces, but always gawk at the price tags. Why does it all have to be so expensive? Ugh.

Thankfully, vegan and faux leather is a thing! I’m also thankful that the look and feel of faux leather has advanced a lot since 5th grade. You remember the days of terrible pleather, don’t you?! Not only do these pieces look like the real thing, they’re also a lot more affordable. I got this vegan leather jacket from Anthropologie a few months ago and have been wearing it on repeat and am still impressed with the quality and look!

How do you feel about leather or faux leather come fall? Do you have your eyes on any pieces?

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