How to Style Your Patio

Guys, yesterday was HOT. I’m not complaining, but I’m not used to it. I did enjoy the excuse to pull out an eyelet dress I got at Madewell last year and these new perforated wedges. Now that we’re mostly settled into our little home, I’m starting to focus on our patio space since it’s finally time to use it. Our last place didn’t have any outdoor space, so I’m looking forward to getting this balcony of ours looking perfect for summer!

When thinking about how to style your patio, I think it can go one of two ways. You either outfit it as an dining area or as a outdoor living room. I love the idea of both of them! But if you’re trying to decide between the two, think about what you do when you’re outdoors. If you’re planning on cooking up a storm and entertaining your friends then the dining area might be for you! How adorable is this red smoker from World Market. You can pick up all the accessories you need for grilling too — even down to the BBQ sauce!

If you’re using your patio space as an outdoor oasis where you can just hang out, read a book or enjoy a cocktail, then the outdoor living room might be a better fit for you. I love this retro cooler that would be perfect for storing drinks and this outdoor rug that really makes this space feel like an extension of your living room. These green outdoor chairs also come in a pretty periwinkle blue, red and white, so feel free to mix and match!

World Market has a ton of amazing options for whatever type of patio you want and for whatever size fits your home! I’m still debating which route we’ll go, but either way, these Edison string lights are an absolute must!

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