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anthro dress

Dress: Layered Silk Dress

Who else has loved this super short week?! I feel like we should get short weeks all summer, especially when the winter is so long! Since getting back from our trip, I’ve been slowly finding a more normal rhythm, but really trying to bring back some of that relaxed contentment I felt while we were in Aspen. I always feel really calm and centered after being in the mountains and spending time in nature.

It’s been ages since I’ve done an Instagram round-up, and since everyone was checked out for the holidays, I figured I’d round up the most recent stuff and share it here. I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about lately and wanted to break it down in case you were curious!

You’ve probably seen images on Instagram tagged with that include short links, so what are they?! Any images that have this on them, both mine and other bloggers, are shoppable. I get a lot of questions about where products are from and I don’t always have time to answer every one of them, so this provides you with the links to those exact products (or sometimes similar items) instantly.

eyelet dress

Dress: Brooke Eyelet Swing Dress

Top: Eyelet Top | Jeans: Skinny Jeans | Shoes: Aegle Sandals | Bag: old bucket bag, similar here and here | Sunglasses: Leonard Sunglasses

floral dress

Dress: Havana Floral Dress

gingham dress

Dress: Gingham Eyelet Dress | Shoes: Dahlia Slides | Bag: Straw Tote, similar here and here | Sunglasses: Leonard Sunglasses

peplum tee

Top: Peplum Top | Jeans: Distressed Jeans

tassel mules

Shoes: Clo Mules | Pants: Relaxed Chino Pants

tie front dress

Dress: Tie Front Midi | Bracelets: Linear & Fiji | Bag: Escapade Suede Bag

workout outfit

Top: Anka Top | Shorts: Speed Short

To get the service, you just have to download the app from the app store. Once it’s installed and your account is created, any LTK-enabled images that you ‘Like’ or screenshot from here on out will now be stoppable within the app. Before the app came along, they would email you the details which was a pretty good deal, but being able to instantly look at the products has been a game-changer for me. With the emails, I’d sometimes forget about the item until I saw the image again on Instagram a few days later—by then the item was often sold out.

But, if you’re not into apps, you can still shop my Instagrams from my blog by clicking on an image in the sidebar or on this page. Pretty easy, right?!

Do you use the app? Do you have any other questions about it that I didn’t answer here?

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