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Do you like getting ready every morning an putting on your makeup? Or, are you more like me and consider it a bit of a chore and wish that you could just snap your fingers and it would be done! I’ve never considered myself much of a pro in this department, but it’s still a regular part of my life. I grew up wearing makeup, but was never experimental and stuck with the same products and the same look just about everyday.

Even when it came to the big events like prom and homecoming, my makeup routine didn’t really vary that much. And, if I’m being honest, I pretty much do the same thing today. If we’re going to a wedding or for a date night, I might put on a little extra eye makeup, but that’s about as wild as I get.

I used to dread putting on makeup in the summer because I’d get hot and it would literally sweat off, but this year I’ve been taking a different approach—a more minimal one and I’m really digging it. Once my skin gets a little tanner, it makes it so much easier to apply less makeup and I’ve been loving the more natural look I’ve been sporting lately. I also find that when I wear less makeup, my skin breaks out less and that’s always good!

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My routine starts with sun protection! I used to be pretty bad about wearing SPF—I wanted that tan, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how much damage I’ve done to my skin. It’s common for pigmentation spots to show up during pregnancy, and I’ve noticed them starting to appear on my forehead and around my eyes, so I’ve been kind of crazy about applying SPF since then. So, that’s now my first step every day, even on the days I don’t wear makeup, I still apply SPF. My whole summer makeup routine is super simple though and takes less than five minutes and doesn’t require too many products!


I start with this tinted moisturizer that has SPF 20 and acts as a very light foundation. I use this cool palm brush from Artis to apply it. The bristles are super soft and it makes everything look so smooth! I’ll use this coconut-oil based concealer to hide any blemishes and then finish it with either this translucent “un-powder” to set everything or use this powder with SPF 30. On days that I don’t want to do full makeup, I’ll just put this powder all over for sun protection.

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Earlier this year I got a huge box of creamy eye liners from Marc Jacobs and I’ve been using them ever since. There were a few bold colors that I gave away, but I love the neutrals. I apply the eyeliner to the bottom inner lid and on my top lid. I love how easy they are to put on! They go on so smoothly that they don’t require me to pull on my eye when applying it.

Next, I curl my lashes and apply this lengthening mascara. Sometimes I’ll apply eye shadow, but not everyday. When I do, I stick to something with a very light shimmer that’s neutral in color.

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I always feel washed out without blush on, so this is one of my favorite steps! I always feel like my face looks complete once I sweep a rosy color on my cheekbones! The blush brush from this set is amazing! I feel like I have more control and it blends more smoothly than my old brush. Just moments after we snapped these photos, I dropped my blush and it cracked, so I just got this one in the flamingo/apricot color and I love it! I just got this bronzer that I’ve been using occasionally too. Again, for everyday wear, I usually don’t do any contouring, but it’s fun for date nights!

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Easier is better in my opinion, so for my lips I stick with a good hydrating lip balm. My favorite is the peppermint lip balm from Primally Pure. It also comes in grapefruit which smells awesome too. On top of that, I apply a pink, somewhat sheer lip gloss in Dahlia for a really simple and natural look to finish it off!

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Do you simplify your makeup routine in the summer? What makeup products are you currently loving?

photography by Jules Kennedy

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