New Year, New Intentions

new year resolutions, graphic image planner, with love from kat collection, new intentions, blair culwell, the fox and she

new year resolutions, graphic image planner, with love from kat collection, new intentions, blair culwell, the fox and she

With every new year, comes new intentions, reminders of old resolutions and for me, a burst of excitement to make some changes to better my life. The toughest part is of course sticking to these each day. I’m considering doing a little roundup each month in ‘Honest Talk‘ posts to check in with my own intentions and bring that focus back. We’ll see how it goes!

For the most part, these are just reminders of things I need to be doing. Right now, the biggest ones I’m focusing on are related to my job. I overwhelmed myself at the end of last year and that’s got to change. What do you have on your list of resolutions for 2015?

My Business

1. Plan My Days Better: a lot of times my days are random, frantic and hectic and not necessarily because I have that much to do. I find that I don’t plan out my weeks at all and doing so makes me stress about what to work on first. This year, I’m hoping to schedule time to work on different projects and aspects of my job at specific times. I just bought this gorgeous planner from the With Love From Kat collection, so that should be super helpful (I still swear by my paper planner)!
2. Stop Over-Committing Myself: This is probably one of the toughest things for me. It’s hard to say no to projects I really want to work on, but sometimes it’s just simply not the right time and I’m hoping to realize that and know when to take on projects and when to not.


1. Drink More Water: Somedays I drink a ton, somedays I drink hardly any, it’s bad. But I feel more energized, my skin is smoother and I sleep better when I’m fully hydrated. I swear these water bottles make me drink so much more water, so I’ll be stocking up on a couple more.
2. Workout More: I think everyone has this one on their list, but I really have no excuse to not be working out at least twice a week. I have a membership to ClassPass that allows me to try new classes all over town. This will be a top priority this year!
3. GF Diet: I’ve been eating a gluten free/low gluten diet and feel so much better, so I want to keep that up throughout the new year and also learn how to cook more unique gluten free dishes.
4. Meditate: This is a new one for me, but I love how I feel afterwards. If you’re considering trying this, I highly recommend the app Headspace. It’s a great way to get started because they guide you through each section — Rob & I are hooked.
5. Cook at Home: We eat at home a lot, but I want to make sure we cook at least 3 home-cooked meals per week – its’ healthier, cheaper and allows Rob and I to spend more time together over a meal.
6. Cut Back on Drinking: I sleep better when I haven’t had anything to drink, so I want to cut out that glass of wine that I have on week nights to just once or twice a week (not including weekends).
7. Invest Regularly: I want to invest a portion of my salary each month this year. I was really great about this before we got engaged, but I got distracted last year with wedding planning and didn’t invest as much as I would have liked.

The Blog

1. Forget the Numbers: I’ll be the first to admit that comparing numbers, social following, page views, etc. against other bloggers is easy to do and can be really detrimental to my outlook, so this year, I’m really trying to forget the numbers and focus on creating content and engaging more with my readers.

Also, thank you all for completing the reader survey, it gave me some great insights into what you guys want to see. The biggest thing I noticed was that you loved outfit/style & home decor posts the best, but also wanted to see more home decor, so in the new year, I’ve planned for more of that content and also a little more organization overall!

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