Snow Days






images by Christine of The View from 5 ft 2

shop shirt / jeans / snow boots, similar / ER bag / pavé link bracelet / frog bracelet, similar / crystal bracelet

Let me preface this by saying this outfit started out much cuter than it ended, but winter just won’t quit so I ended up making some adjustments throughout the day.

I woke up Sunday morning and it was absolutely gorgeous. Cold, yes, but sunny and pretty. When winter is this long, you learn to appreciate those days so so much. I was heading to brunch at Lula Cafe and decided to forgo boots for my leopard flats that haven’t seen the light of day in months.

Did I mention that it snowed 5 inches last Friday? Despite the now melting snow all over the place, I still thought flats were a better choice. And they looked really cute with my gorgeous and wild Emily Rosendahl bag.

I made it to and from brunch with only having to step in two snowy patches and figured, yea, flats aren’t so bad in the winter, right?

Wrong. That afternoon I took Oliver for a walk, slipped and nearly ate it on a patch of ice hiding underneath the snow. My hip is still sore, haha!

So before I walked to meet Christine for some shopping and photo-taking, I decided the flats would have to wait a few more weeks to make a full appearance and it was back to the snow boots. I do love these boots, but like I said, the outfit was cuter before.

Since Sunday we’ve gotten more snow, so I felt this was appropriate today, hope you’re week is going well!

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