An Elegant 3-Ingredient Cocktail

La Marca Prosecco, St. Germain & strawberry cocktail

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a wine girl and Rob’s been a beer guy, but something changed this past year. Don’t get me wrong, we still love our tried and true favorites, but we’ve found ourselves ordering cocktails on a more frequent basis…and I kinda love it.

There’s something so cool about sipping a cocktail, but for years, I skipped that part of the menu and went straight for my regular Sauvignon Blanc. I think I know why too. I embarrassingly have to admit that my go-to cocktail in college was a vodka soda with lime. Let me guess, yours was too?! After drinking way too many of those in my four years, I swore off cocktails for a while, simply because I wasn’t really sure what to order.

La Marca cocktail
strawberry cocktail

how to make simple cocktails

sliced strawberry cocktails
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But sometime last year, Rob ordered a cocktail from one of our favorite bars here and after tasting it I was hooked. It was refreshing, clean, crisp and so much more interesting than a simple glass of white wine. Since then, we’ve stocked our bar, and have been whipping up our own cocktails at home. A few months ago, I made this one that’s a riff on that first cocktail we fell in love with, but I’ve been dying to make a cocktail with prosecco—my favorite wine of all!

When it comes to making cocktails, my rule is that it needs to be simple. If I have to go and buy 10 ingredients just to make a couple of drinks, you’re gonna lose me, so this bubbly and light prosecco cocktail requires just 3 ingredients, and if you have a well-stocked bar cart and fridge, you might already have them!

champagne and st. germain cocktail

St. Germain liqueur cocktail
3-ingredient cocktail

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This cocktail is delicious year round, but I know I’ll be whipping it up frequently during the spring and summer when I want something crisp and refreshing.

Have you had St. Germain before? What’s your go-to cocktail to make at home?

P.S. Did you know you can get ingredients delivered to your door with Drizly? Order your prosecco & St. Germain now!

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