Health & Happiness Challenge No. 2

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This simple fitness challenge is actually one of my best health and wellness tips. This daily health tip will have you feeling more awake each day.

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Happy hump day people! I’m super excited for the second health & happiness challenge today. How did the last challenge go?! Did you try anything new and let your judgement go? I went to my first couple of Pure Barre classes and really loved them. Yes, they were tougher on me than they would have been in February and there were several moves that I really struggled with, but overall I just let myself do as much as I could and enjoyed knowing that I was doing something good for myself. Side note, if you’re thinking about trying it, it’s a great workout and worth trying!

Since the last challenge was a bit more abstract and less tangible, this week’s is the opposite.

Health & Happiness Challenge No. 2

Go Outdoors & Leave Technology at Home

After my trip to Georgia last week, I came home feeling super relaxed. Being away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a few days was really refreshing and made me realize how much I love being outside and how good it is for my mind and soul.

Leaving my phone in the room or on silent in my bag was also really great. It’s not often that I fully disconnect, and boy does it feel good when you do!

So, my challenge to you (and to myself) is to spend 30 minutes each day outside with no technology. That could mean a walk through your neighborhood, going for a hike or walking a trail nearby, or even spending time at the park or on your patio with a good book or just laying in the grass enjoying the sunshine.

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We spend so much time indoors avoiding the weather in Chicago that I really try to prioritize outdoor time during the warm summer months. Lately, I’ve been leaving my phone at home on our morning walks and it’s made my mornings so much more calm, peaceful and happier. I used to find that if I had my phone, I’d be checking my email or Instagram and creating a to-do list while on the go. If something came up on the walk, I’d get frustrated and drag Oliver home early. A few weeks ago, I ran straight into a tree branch, yup, super embarrassing, but it also made me realize how often I’m looking at my phone. That’s when the idea for this challenge came up, ha!

It’s tough for me to really feel disconnected in the city since we live close to the train and there’s always people on the streets (which I love), so leaving my phone at home is about as close as I get to disconnecting. I try to spend a few minutes thinking about things and people that I’m grateful for and also find that some of my most creative thoughts pop into my head during these walks.

It’s not a physically difficult challenge, but I think we all get so used to having our phones, iPads and laptops with us constantly that it feels sort of strange to not have them. I’m thankful for technology, as it allows me to have a job I love, but I think this challenge is one that we can all benefit from!

Do you already set aside any tech-free time? If not, will you try this challenge?! Use #FSxBeWell to share what you’re up to!

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