15 Off the Shoulder Tops Under $80

Valentine’s Day at home

Is there anything more feminine and romantic than an off the shoulder top? Something about exposed shoulders is so subtly sexy, don’t you think?

Last year, I fell hard for this trend and picked up a few off the shoulders pieces and I’m already looking forward to wearing them again this spring. One of my favorites was this navy ruffle-top dress from this post. I just realized it’s back in stock and also comes in black, ochre and gingham! I also loved my off-the-shoulder tops from this post, this post and this post.

Eek, hurry up spring!!!

As we start planning for some upcoming weekend trips to warmer destinations, I’ve naturally got off the shoulder tops back on my brain! Our first trip will be to Austin for our friends’ wedding. Austin is already one of my favorite cities and in March, the weather should be perfect for a pair of jeans and one of these cute tops. I’m also really looking forward to getting my fill of Tex-Mex before we leave. Any recommendations on where we should go?! Last time we were there, we had lunch at Elizabeth Street Café and I also want to go back there. It’s the cutest Vietnamese restaurant I’ve ever been to and the food is delicious!

I rounded up some gorgeous off the shoulder tops above that would look super cute with jeans, cut-offs, white jeans or even a skirt! These are also all under $80 so they won’t break the bank—woo hoo!! My two favorites are this one and this one. Which are your favorites?

Are you traveling anywhere warm soon? Do you like the off the shoulder trend?

BTW, two days in Austin, and 6 honest way to meet girlfriends in a new city.

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