How to Make Blogging Friends

how to make blogging friends

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One of the biggest and best side effects of having a blog is the amazing people that I’ve met online and in my own city. Not only it is nice to be able to chat with like-minded individuals, but I feel lucky to get to work and collaborate with them! Since I work from home, having these type of connections are even more valuable to me and it’s definitely made my day-to-day life happier!

But the real question is how do you make blogging friends?! I didn’t just come to Chicago and instantly become friends with them. Most of my relationships with blogging friends have been years in the making, but I did meet most of them about the same time a few years ago.

If you’re new to blogging or moving to a new city, meeting other bloggers in your town is a great way to feel instantly connected and create your own little network. Here’s a few of my tips for meeting and making friends with other bloggers.

  1. Join a Blogging Network
    This is one of the easiest things you can do! In Chicago, the Windy City Blogger Collective is a great, inclusive and educational group! They host events where it’s easy to meet people just like you. Several years ago this is where I met most of the people I know today.
  2. Similar Blog Type
    Reach out to people with a similar or the same blog type as you. Chances are you’ll be going to the same events and working on similar projects. I found that this made making friends easier because we were already interested in similar things!
  3. Bloggers You Admire
    Reach out to people who’s blog you love! Do take into consideration their blog size though, chances are that someone with 200K Instagram followers is not going to make time to meet a blogger with 500 followers.
  4. Do it For the Right Reasons
    I remember going to coffee with a blogger a few years ago and I was really excited to meet someone new, but when I got there, she pulled out her laptop, drilled me on questions and then never called me again. I realized that she wasn’t interested in being my friend, but was more interested in how I had gotten to where I was and frankly I was offended.

    I charge for consulting sessions and I felt I had been swindled into giving away information for free. So reach out to people you want to be friends with for the right reason. If you’re just trying to get ahead and learn stuff, it’ll show.

    Jess wrote another great read on blindly asking people to go to coffee and why you shouldn’t do it — TRUTH.

  5. Be a Genuine
    Just like you would to any of your non-blogging friends, be real, genuine and kind! These are important factors in building friendships that last and go far beyond blogging.

Do you have any more tips for how to make blogging friends? Have you found it easy or difficult to make blogging friends in your city?

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