5 Non-Toxic Sunscreens I Love

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Conventional sunscreens are full of toxins and chemicals that can wreak havoc on our bodies, try these natural versions instead.

Ahh, summertime! Life has seemed to slow down and our weekends have been filled with plans to bike to the lake and spend the day at the beach, or poolside with friends. This weekend we did both and it was magical! The stress I felt back in June is slowly fading away and I’m soaking up these warm, beautiful days while I can. They’re always gone too soon, aren’t they?

In past summers I’ve been lax about applying sunscreen, but this year I’ve been crazy about applying it—everyday. Not only have I realized how damaging the sun is to my skin, but I’m also trying to avoid any dark pigmentation spots that can happen with pregnancy. So far, I think I’ve done a pretty good job! Back in June, I took a hard look at our sunscreen ingredients and decided to toss what we had and start fresh with something safer and non-toxic. Conventional sunscreens are heavy in toxins, chemicals and endocrine disruptors that can have lasting and dangerous effects. Avoiding toxins while pregnant or nursing is even more important, so making the switch was an easy decision.

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That being said, I wasn’t sure how these products would perform, but I can easily say that they work just as well as conventional SPFs and I feel good about putting them on my body. Rob, who has very fair skin, has loved the sunscreen as well and if it passes his test, then you know it works!

Here are 5 non-toxic sunscreens I love and use:

  1. Beautycounter Protect All-Over Sunscreen: This sunscreen is our go-to all-over sunscreen that’s always in my beach bag. This is also a great reminder that I need to get another bottle because Rob covers his body head-to-toe in this stuff! It goes on smoothly and is water-resistant for several hours. It’s a good size bottle too and should last you a while!
  2. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer: I really don’t like putting traditional sunscreen under makeup. It gets thick and sticky once you have foundation and powder on, so this product has become my go-to daily SPF. It’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF20 and acts as a very light foundation which I love. I’m wearing shade No.2 for reference! It never looks heavy or cake-y and protects really well. I shared more of my simple summer makeup routine here if you’re interested!
  3. Babo Botanicals: This sunscreen is SPF40 and made for sensitive skin. It’s technically facial sunscreen, but it’s great for anyone with sensitive skin. It rubs in easily as well, but I do find that it’s a bit stickier than Beautycounter’s sunscreens. But, if you have sensitive skin, it’s a great alternative!
  4. Beautycounter Protect Stick Sunscreen for your Face: I’m always kinda weird about putting sunscreen on my face and prefer to use one that’s meant for my face. I love this facial stick because it goes on easily and keeps your hands from getting sticky. It’s compact, making it perfect for keeping in your beach bag. It’s also kid-friendly and smells amazing!
  5. Eminence Sun Defense Minerals Powder Brush: I first learned about this product on my trip to Georgia, and it’s quickly become a favorite. It goes on easily and is perfect for days I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. It’s especially great for sporting activities because it’s not liquid and you can just toss it in your bag! I’ve tried the transparent powder and the Honey Apple color. They both go on so lightly that you can’t really tell!

If you’re looking for product recommendations, check out this post and this post where I’ve outlined my favorites and must-haves!

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