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Well, this will be the first of probably many (don’t worry, not too many) wedding-related posts. As excited as I am to marry my best friend, some of the planning has already gotten me a bit stressed. There’s just so much! And when you have a full time job, a puppy and a life to attend to, it can make me feel a little overwhelmed.

We locked down a venue, which took a huge weight off my shoulders, and have been slowly working on the other details. My mom will be coming to visit a few more times, and she’s far more organized than me, thank goodness!

My sister, Katherine, gets here on Saturday morning and we’re going to do a little dress shopping. After falling head over heels with Israel-based wedding gown designer, Inbal Dror, I’ve been on the search for stockists in the Chicago area. And wouldn’t you know that a bridal shop in town was having a trunk show this weekend.

The gorgeous lace, long trains, mixed fabrics, unique silhouettes, deep backs and the attention to every last detail…what else could a girl ask for!?

Her dresses are a little, okay, maybe a lot, out of my budget, but a girl can dream right? And if anything else, I think trying some one will give me a better idea of what I really want in a dress so that I can find one that’s perfect for me!